Friday, 31 August 2012

stumbled upon treasures

The outside of a charity/vintagey shop that we stumbled across. It had many interesting treasures strewn around everywhere  


The inside of the charity- vintagey shop

Some very pretty places Me and my family stumbled upon in Spain
Sophie xxxxx


Hey guys, I'm back from Sunny Spain, it was pretty and warm and I have returned with considerably more freckles than I came with. I eat Anchovies on tomato bread at every meal, read Game of Thrones in no less than 3 days and enjoyed visiting Barcelona. I will post some pictures shortly.....

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Here, have some photos ~

To make up for neglecting the blog slightly, here are some pictures from a day out at Valley of the Rocks (previously mentioned).

Pretty view of Lynmouth and an uncharacteristically blue ocean.

Apples and tea atop a rock.

'Avin a sing song.

Struggling to climb down some rocks.

Pixie tree.

So I hope you forgive me for abandoning the blogosphere for a time, and that this makes up for it. Bye ~

Friday, 24 August 2012

Terribly sorry, blogosphere....

 I have been ever so busy. Therefore I have neglected the blogging duties Sophie wholly entrusted in me.
Unfortunately, as I'm at my dad's house, I don't have my camera and therefore cannot post any new pictures. But I'll tell you about my week.

On Tuesday, Holly and I did a Frida Kahlo inspired photo shoot (for my Identity project in art), which consisted of us draped in saris, headscarves and fake flowers. I think it went really well. Anyway, the film is being developed, so as soon as I acquire the photos I will post them on here. 

On Wednesday I went to Fremington Quay with Micah, where we curled up and listened to The Cure and Pnau, which was nice, until an idiot from our school turned to his friend and not-so-discreetly said "is that a boy and a boy?" which enraged both the gay-rights activist in me and the fact that I am a girl. It was quite embarrassing. 

Yesterday I went to collect my GCSE results, but unfortunately I had to make unwanted interactions with several people from my school. I was grumpy and wanted to leave so that I could just get on a train to my dad's and listen to depressing music. When I was alone, I opened my envelope and was happily surprised that I got an A in one of my Science exams and an A* in the other, and an A* in my History exam. On the train I discovered just how amazing the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack is. 

And today was the best day of all; I discovered that Bishi follows me on Twitter, and I saw the new Patrick Wolf video, was told my nebula leggings had arrived, and came up with a tune for a new song.

I'll post some photos soon, of recent illustrations and leggings and songwriting things. Also I filmed some new videos of me singing, and shall try and Youtube them asap.


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Today's things.

I found some pictures of Sophie and I's latest charity shop trawl, so, although obscenely belated, here they are. ~
My little yellow socks and Jeffrey Campbell shoes, yay. ~ Oh, and a rather stylish lamp.

Sophie admiring some 70s goodness in a vintage shop.
In other news, today I bought a wonderful blouse from the shop above. ^ It's sooo pretty, I love love love it. The label says Jaeger, which I later discovered is usually expensive... It was £4 when I got it, ha. The sleeves are quite madly puffy, so I decided it would work better if I rolled the sleeves up. Here it is:
'Scuse the pout, I don't even know what's going on there. 

An angsty, dark shot with my beloved curtains in the background.

Has a cute little collar ~

And the pattern is like op-art. 
I also bought Animal Farm in the same shop, for £1, and was delighted to discover that inside someone had pencilled their name and 'December 1952' on the inside cover. It excited me greatly.

So that's my ramble for today, darlings

Oh and by the way, I will shortly be uploading some of my recent illustrations, if anyone's interested.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Songs for Sleep.

Lucky Ones - Lana Del Rey

It's Hard to Get Around the Wind - Alex Turner

Above are the two best songs (in my opinion) for getting to sleep from the two artists I am newly obsessed with. 
Lana's album has a mix, really, of upbeat songs and slower ballads, but they all have a certain tragic, romantic quality that makes me positively drunk with emotion whenever I hear it. Million Dollar Man has that really classic, super-romantic croon that Lana does so well, and the chorus of Lucky Ones I think just sounds like a lullaby. I think it's a really sweet song.

And Alex Turner's soundtrack for Submarine is so perfect for both the film and the book that I can scarcely believe it; I'm not usually a huge fan of soundtracks on their own, I usually focus more on the film (and also, sometimes when a soundtrack is not that good, it just ruins the atmosphere of the film for me), but with this particular one it just matches so perfectly with the film. I don't know if I noticed as much before I listened to the soundtrack on its own, but now that I have, I think that no other music would have been as well-suited to the film as Alex Turner's is.

Love and submarines,

Things that have happened.

Yesterday I had a day out with our dear friend Holly, who will hopefully be writing a few pieces for our blog soon.

My outfit consisted of my yellow shirt, a grey patterned pullover from a vintage stall at Llama festival, my red shorts and Doc Marten shoes.

Patrick Wolf, my current hair-spiration, and a better look at my new hair. Ta daa!

I made a Frida Kahlo/Lana Del Rey-style headdress thing with fake flowers. ~

I also spent AGES gluing individual pink beads and random tacky pink things onto an alice band. It's my kitsch little Crown Of Pinkness. 

Today I haven't really done anything noteworthy. Except some maths. Which I am proud of, because I HATE and am AWFUL at maths. Oh and I made a video of another one of my songs, but I can't upload it yet because the camera ran out of battery and I need to charge it. Not that you care, probably... I'll shut up now. Just thought seeing as I'm temporarily in charge of this blog, I should keep it full of new stuff. 


Bye bye from Sophie.

Bye, bye internet explorers I am off to my cousin's wedding and after that off to Spain for 12 days,I'm leaving the blog in the very capable hands of Sinead, so you don't have to put up with my ramblings for two weeks!
Lots of love and kittens 

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Outfits Sinead has.

Some outfits that Sinead owns, I feel a little bad for posting this, but I am because I kept on forgetting and the drawings are so pretty.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Good music, good films and the Twilight saga.

I adore movie soundtracks, I really do, from The Twilight soundtrack to The Juno Soundtrack, I love em' all. I sometimes feel that some films would be better if the film was cut and the soundtrack left behind ( The Twilight Series ). But when a film is good, you can listen to the soundtrack and relive all its special moments again again, without fighting with your sister about the television schedule. Here are a few of my favourite songs from my favourite soundtracks and even some of my favourite films ( Not The Twilight Series- Eclipse ) 
Happy listening 
Sophie xxx 

My special box.


Sorry, I (Sinead) have been fairly absent for a little while. Yes, a few days really does count as a 'while' for me. 
Some things happened; for example, I had a haircut and am now sporting a short bowl cut not unlike our darling Mr Wolf's current one. I'll post some photos soon, in the firm belief that someone somewhere will be interested.

Anyway, this post isn't about any of that (well, it involves Patrick Wolf, but much of my life does). This post is about my SPECIAL BOX (oooh, sounds enticing, right? Tis for me). Here's the story:

When I went to see Patrick Wolf last October, his fiance William was doing the merch stall (for all those Wolfpackers reading this, ADORABLE RIGHT INO RIGHT?!), so naturally I was drawn to it as soon as it opened. I think I made 3 separate visits to the stall, each time bashfully greeting William (who acted politely unassuming, although he'd just seen me being a nervous wreck when I met Patrick.).

I bought an iron-on patch thing for my jacket, with the Patrick logo on it.

I also bought a tour t-shirt (which we had a conversation with William about, because I was conflicted about whether to purchase that or a yummy hoodie with Patrick's unicorn tattoo design on it).

My final buy was a box, intended to contain like a special vinyl package or something, but they were selling empty ones for £3 and they had pretty Patrick pictures on them so I bought one. Yes, it was slightly impractical to hold it in some form of awkward embrace for the whole journey back from Cardiff on the train, but I didn't mind. It was also quite awkward to manouvre through rain and then busy train stations carrying the box, a large poster and my bag.

ANYWAY. My box currently contains these things:

Concert tickets from Patrick's show
The bus ticket we got to Mermaid Quay, where the venue was
The printed meet-and-greet email (I needed it to get into the meet-and-greet)
Paper wristband from the Glee Club (the venue)
My postcard collection
Paintings of Patrick (for the christmas card thing the Tumblr Wolfpackers did)
Some biro doodles from many a science lesson with Sophie
A French 'Arts Magazine' that Micah brought me back from Paris

Wolfy hugs, 

P.S; sorry for the fan-girl-y post, but I haven't really done one yet and I thought it was due.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Things I can't remember buying and a bit of my stupid face

 I had a little unplanned photography spree today, here are some of the fruits of my labour 
pretty ballerina skirt I got when I was about 5

A photograph of some of my face 

A detachable collar I made a few months ago with the added bonus of a dead fly in the background,

A little dragon birth stone thingey ornament thing, that I can't remember buying 
All the love eva

Sunday, 12 August 2012

For the last 3 days sewing sequins onto this jacket was my life.

So here is the result of three days of relentless sequin-sewing...
 The jacket was £1 in a charity shop, and though a lovely shape and pleasantly grandad-ish I wanted to give it an extra bit of bedazzlement. The sequins cost altogether about £5 and I still have loads left over that I plan to glue onto some mary-janes.
I searched for a long time for a suitable phrase for the jacket,  finally I decided on ' The future revolves around you, here, now so do good. a lovely inspirational quote from my beloved Doctor who
 As I am not the best embroiderer, the sewing isn't the best but I like to think that the lose threads give the jacket character. 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Getting my 9 hours (or not)

So... for the past few weeks I have been suffering from a very mild case of 'not being able to sleep at night', possibly caused by the heat, or that my mind will not simply switch off every night; like I am used to it doing. I go from mainly thinking about food and television in the day, to thinking about elaborate business plans: For a company creating short films for young playwrights and why on earth where jelly babies created (I mean who wants to eat babies made of jelly?) as soon as my head hits the pillow.As a girl who up until she was 13 went to bed at 7:00pm every-night, lack of sleep really does effect me. But I have to admit their are positives as well as negatives to not sleeping when your meant too.......

Reasons for sleeping when your supposed too-

  1. Tradition 
  2. Stops you from being tired in the day,falling asleep into your books at school, falling asleep on the bus etc.......
  3. Stops you getting those horrible head-aches you get when you sleep in the day.

Reasons for not sleeping when your supposed too-

  1. Feeling like your the only one awake in the house, the street, the woooorrlld (well maybe not the world, due to different time zones ) 
  2. Watching the sky change colour ( super soppy I know but.. well pretty ) 
  3. Feeling like your breaking some unwritten rule; by eating at night for example.
  4. Full of new night-timey ideas, for art, music, topiary etc...

(*do not try to sew sequins onto to anything late at night it well end badly*)

happy sleeping ( or staying awake ) 
Sophie xx 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Made some stuff

This is the dress I made yesterday out of the material in my (Sinead's) last post. I also bought some lace and a zip for it with Sophie (also mentioned in a previous post, I think).

I'm quite proud of it. Above is the lace detailing on the collar thing, and a bow in the centre. I had a bit of trouble getting the waist the right size, but I think it's fine now.

Here's a skirt I made today, and a better look at the whole dress behind it. I like the little skirt, it's made of the same fabric as the collar I made ages ago. I think I might make a habit of making my own clothes, and making them as presents for other people too.

For my next project I plan to make a skirt, either made of kitten-patterned fabric or with some form of kitten embellished on it, and with lilac ribbon and buttons. WATCH THIS KITTEN-OBSESSED SPACE.


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Spending too much on bedazzling items

So today moi and sinead went to town. We bought milkshakes with sweets in them and then drank them on a large piece of grass that is behind the library. Then Sinead bought a zip for a dress she is making ( what a clever thing ) and then I bought £5.30's worth of sequins and be-dazzlement items. Sinead bought some ribbon, buttons and lace. Then because I had cycled to Sinead's house I collected my bike and Sinead collected her bike and then we cycled to my house, taking a pointless but scenic detour. Then we watched a film that I am embarrassed  to say the name of but I will tell you that it included Micheal Cera.  
Lots of hearty loving 

The literature I shall enjoy....

So... here are some of the books that I planned  (in theory) to read this summer, at the moment I have read 'Starter for ten' ,'Soul Music', 'Grow up' and 'A Gathering Light'  I am half way through 'Small Island'  which is currently breaking my heart. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

So many dresses today

 Seal socks and vintage DM shoes. I looove these shoes, they go with everything. Chunky shoes are the best.
Silly face
 Red polo shirt thing with swallow motif.
New skirt.
 I made on of my old dresses (inherited from a cousin) into a midi skirt. I thought it was a waste to give it away just because it got too short as a dress, and I love the pattern, so I just turned it into a skirt. Hurray for customisation!
My loot.
Went shopping today, and came back with two dresses, some kawaiiii socks, bright tights, vintage fabric, sewing machine needles and brooch backs. And nearly all of them were total bargains, yay!

Cute bunny socks for £1, huzzah!
This pretty chiffony dealio was £5. It's really soft.
Pretty pretty pretty. I like the diamondy pattern.
Here it is on me. The perspective is strange in this picture, so my legs look small.

I basically made a dress out of the material already, but I still have to add a zip and some lace to jazz it up. I'll post some pictures soon. I'm quite proud of it, seeing as I didn't use a pattern or anything (they confuse me infinitely), yet managed to produce a nifty little summer dress with a collar and a bow and everything. 

ANYWAY, enough incessant rambling, goodnight my darling owlets.
(lots of kisses tonight.)