Sunday, 30 September 2012

some 'me' things

So, this week has been good.

On Friday I was told by my viola teacher that I have the musical ability and knowledge to become a grade 5 player like NOW, which was super exciting and surreal seeing as the last exam I did was grade 2 violin (ha).
This would mean I could probably get onto the music course I want to get into for A-level, YAY.

Also, this weekend Sophie and I were very productive (see video post previously) and I dressed up like some kind of fluffy marshmallow.

And a minute ago my cat was asleep and it was fun listening to the little noises she made in her sleep, and seeing her twitch when I tickled her ears.

This has been a slightly pointless post


I like pulling strange faces.

'umm flower crown' face 

Sinead said that I don't do enough fashion posts, so here is a fashion post for your delectation. My outfit for today consisted of a tie-dye top, tights, and sport shorts ( though i wore them for modesty under my shirt rather than for style ) I debated whether to wear my flower crown but my mum said she wouldn't go out of the house with me if I did ( I CAN'T THINK WHY ) I also wore my trusty  Doc Martens with animal print socks and a watch as an anklet. Because I don't usually wear a lot of makeup I thought I'd record that too. I wore some sparkly eyeliner from The Body Shop along the top of my eye and then put mascara only on my bottom lashes.
p.s- I'm having a funny face day
lots of love Sophie 

maybe some things shouldn't move with the times.

I am talking about relatively 'superficial' things, of course. Not like people's views and stuff.

ANYWAY, what I mean by the title of this post is, for example, aspects of fashion and music. To be entirely honest, I don't think it should be this difficult to find inexpensive (and genuine) vintage clothes. Of course, there are loads of amazing vintage shops and stuff, but many of them are extortionately expensive, especially if what they offer is high quality and/or rare.

I think there should be more of a range of vintage-style clothes; it can't be massively hard to make them the same way as they used to be. So much of what is manufactured today is just so flimsy, why shouldn't we carry on making the sort of dresses that could survive a war, or a revolution? And for an affordable price, too? 

And music - well, where do I start? Without naming names, (which is hard, because this angers me greatly) there are a fair few musicians who have just melted into the same tired category, and I can't be the only one who has difficulty telling who is who when I hear them on the radio.

And what makes me sad about this is mainly the waste of talent. That situation where someone with an AMAZING voice or other musical ability ends up using it on the same flat, samey tune as the rest of the clones. Whatever happened to using an amazing voice on a real ballad with real feelings, or a really classic, sultry style -and having it recognised as much as the stuff in the top 40?

Well, this is my opinion (once more), and I cannot stress that enough.

Mew and the likes

actual wandering in the woods.

So, here it is.. The musical film me and Sinead made yesterday. I hope it is satisfactory. 

Lots of love 
Sophie xxx

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Why politics should be taught in my school.

 Many a time have I mentioned an aspect of (UK) politics and get a blank stare or a 'I don't follow politics' as a response. I find this quite surprising really -I think that at the age of 15 or 16, people should know what is happening in the world. It's the same with people who say they 'hate' the news. Why would you choose to basically live in ignorance? What is so repellent about what is going on in the world?

Of course, this is all my own opinion; I love the idea of politics, yet hate many politicians, sort of contradicting myself: so really, there is not a lot of logic here. An awful lot of people who discuss politics at my school are not considered 'cool'. No-one even stops to think about the fact that they're well-informed and intelligent. For example, if I relay a satirical joke or anecdote, it can even be met by hostility.

 Obviously, I am not speaking for everyone, as I know many people are not like this at all -the reason I am mentioning those who refuse to accept politics and current affairs is that I think their attitudes might not have been the same had we all been subjected to political ideas in a more accessible way, i.e. in school.

 It's not like politics are boring -there's a scandal round every corner when it comes to politicians, and quite frankly, watching them squirm on Question Time and the likes is hilarious. Parliament (House of Commons) on TV isn't boring to me; a bunch of toffs running off sarcastic quips at each other, met by jeers from the other side - it's like some sort of bizarre, extremely posh rap battle.

 I know my opinions are not always welcome - which is partly why I didn't mention my personal political views in this post - but I feel I have to express them.

If current affairs were introduced into our lives as part of a school curriculum, maybe then we could all form our own accurate opinions, and actually decide whether we are interested rather than just shut it out. This confuses me especially seeing as the press relentlessly portrays young people as ignorant and lazy (among other things), but there are so many cases in which more could have been done to teach us -well, not to be. It seems we've been somewhat sheltered from the goings-on in the world by our schools - I have heard of few that teach politics as a lesson rather than a small Debate Club at lunchtimes. 

None of it makes any sense to me!

 Anyway, sorry if this rambling post is not your cup of Cassis - but I thought it needed to be said that my school is not the most politically aware (or correct; my music teacher once asked me if the music of a gay musician I like is 'gay music', UGH), and should be.

I hope someone somewhere finds themselves agreeing with some issues raised in this post, and apologies for ranting (also, I'm aware this post is quite odd in relation to the rest of our blog. I thought it was time to unleash my views. #politicscanbecool)

lost Harajuku girl

My outfit today.
 It consists of my trusty DIY flower crown, pastel skull necklace, mohair pale pink ballet cardigan, minty 60s nightshirt thing with lace edging, white 50s circle skirt and pale pink tights. 
And, of course, my lovely creepers to add an edge to my girliest-of-girly outfit.

Kittens and Unicorns

i love you just a little too much.

Hey y'all

I painted a picture whilst listening to Lana Del Rey's 'Serial Killer' on repeat. It sounds morbid but I highly recommend this song, it's gorge! 

Anyway, the aforementioned video will be up today or tomorrow, so watch this space. 
Bye cuties ~

Friday, 28 September 2012

I can't draw.

using my art skills 

So..  I said to Sinead ' lets make another music video' and she said ' alright'. So tomorrow we might be making a fun music video, Sinead has prepared the music so I have done some preparation of my own(mwhhaaahahah) I have decided that the film will be in the woods, it will be creepy and include Sinead disappearing and reappearing and film in reverse and slow-downed and I will use a yellow filter, as this it what the piece of music sinead has created screams to me.  so watch out for the finished film it will be coming your way in the next few days......
lots of love and kittens 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

honey paws

on the windowsill 

henna dragon

feet + legs look vaguely manga-ish. I like the blurriness.

knightsbridge bitchz

creepers  yes

camden babes

it's me, with my bluest blue eyes.

Annie. a very dear friend of mine.
Some photos for you to take a gander at. feedback is most welcome, my pretties.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

a terrible attempt at appreciation.

I don't usually do any kind of musical appreciation/album review type thing, but anyway, I'm going to have a go. So here we go *deep breath*....... OMG I FREAKING LUV MUMFORD AND SONS NEWW ALBUM GUYSS *and exhale* honestly I love those folkey guys from their waistcoats to their frantic banjo playing, and their new album is heartfelt and spectacular. I love the names of songs like ' Ghosts that we knew' and 'Whispers in the dark'. I love       the 'EH!' Marcus Mumford shouts in 'Babel'. I love the the lyrics 'Raise my hands, Paint my spirit gold' Its full of toe-tapping feet- stamping ditties and then beautiful and slightly bitter melodies. 

There is none of that silly ' I need to tend my imaginary crops and be a farmer and plough the land' thing like in their last album. and it fabulous and great and everyone should like babel and buy it and hold it close to their chests. or not 

This has been a badly written and not particularly informative album review thingy brought to you by Sophie Squire 


Tuesday, 25 September 2012


So this weekend I met my fairy godmother Candy who I haven't seen for about 9 years. Also my best friend Annie. I took pictures of strangers (with their permission) for my art project... and that story is for another time, so I shall talk about ALL THE FASHION.

My beauteous new creepers with studs.

Sailor Moon Tshirt

Shiny shoes, yummmmm.

Laura Ashley shirt that is not unlike something from Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Victorian style dress -with little handbag from Rokit in Camden.

60s mint nightshirt with lace edging and white 50s skirt (my love)
Bluuuue velvet.

Pink nightie, also from Rokit. I looove it.
And some new new things...
Biiiiiiiiig earrings from Topshop.

Pastel skull necklace (also from Topshop).

On Saturday I also discovered the wonder that is Irregular Choice. SHOES WITH KITTENS ON THEM, YES PLEASE. I want some so bad. Anyway, here are some things I now own.

Love and happiness

Saturday, 22 September 2012

I don't just buy stuff alright.

I know the last two posts I have posted are about me buying cheap stuff  but just to say 'thats not all I do' I like to read, watch Doctor who, and sing 


a fruitful and productive day.

big proud golden lions 

Today I went into town to get a hair cut ( the result of that hair cut is shown above ) and also to buy a phone. But fortunately I can not go into town without going into a charity shop- or two! I picked up a sensational jumper for £2 and a spectacular lion belt that I saw and fell in love without looking at it properly, then I looked at it properly and saw it was Versace which was a surprise as I only got in for 50p. I also bought stickers to decorate my newly bought phone which I think looks rather fetching. 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Diamond Eyes

Tell me I've got diamond eyes
Tell me that I'm yours, hold me til the sunrise
Love me til the end
Oh baby
I'll love you til the end 
My darling

Lyrics from my newest song project, Diamond Eyes. I'll be sure to post a video or audio post asap, but I currently don't own very good quality recording kit so it will probably have to be a rushed video I'm afraid. In other news, I got some pictures developed today, and also took some pictures with my dear friend Emily. My song for the day is Lucky Star by Madonna, it's just delightfully adorable and I love it. 
Last weekend I visited Crikey It's Vintage, a vintage fair in Exeter. I managed to get a 2013 diary with a glittery Frida Kahlo on the cover, and a stunning 80's Laura Ashley dress for just £15! Bargain! Kitsch wonders galore.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Things I bought at low low prices.

o ma gah, sorry about my chin

Today I took part in a car boot sale.  ( where you can sell things from.. you've guessed it; a car boot! ) To raise money for a charity trip to Uganda. I did do a lot of selling but when I could I snuck off looking for awesome stuff you can get at bargain prices such as.......A Pink Floyd t-shirt for 50p, a wicker picnic box that I'm going to use as a hand bag for £1, cute barrettes that where 50p each, A Terry Pratchett Book for a £1, some fake flowers for £1 and a Alice band for 25p; which I used to make a flower crown which turned out really well considering it only cost around £1.25! My sister also bought Mean girls for a £1, all in all a very fruitful day of shopping and for a fraction of the prize. 

p.s- we made about £20 profit :(

Saturday, 15 September 2012


oh look! Its a young queen victoria 

Two days ago me and sinead decided to take some photographs for a project in Art class. On a slightly unrelated note my mother bought a glue gun so I was able to finally jump on the flower crown making bandwagon the evidence of this is above! 


love and all the kisses
Sophie xxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hey y'all. 
I sang a song for Holly's birthday. Inspired by Patrick Wolf's cover of this song. I love love love both his version and Lana's, it's a beauuutiful song (not sure I did it justice). I know I know I knowwww it's a bit depressing for a birthday song, but she likes it, so *sticks tongue out*. Today Sophie and I took pretty pictures in the woods and I wore my vintage nightie. 
BYE xxxxx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I like how the pages click.

This includes a quote badass quote from Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing.

I am wildly protective over my sketch/stick stuff down pad. I bar anyone but my best friends and my mother from looking in it. Today when I had to show a homework I did in it to my art teacher I felt like seizing my pad and running away with it, as soon as she had seen my homework. Its got to that point ( which I love ) when the pages click when you move them and the spine is rather fragile. 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Planets, flowers and Frida Kahlo

For 'Identity' in GCSE art, I am doing a Frida Kahlo-inspired project. I thought, who expresses their own identity perfectly in her artwork ? So, that's how that came about. Anyway, for part of my project I decided I wanted some Frida-style photos (brightly coloured walls, clothes, lipstick etc.) to back up the rest of my stuff. So here are the pictures from the first shoot. I just love my camera more and more every time I use it. My beloved ~*~*~* Anyway. I'll upload the rest of the Frida pictures as soon as I take and develop them (in a couple of weeks I shall be seeing my best friend in London, also my Godmother, so pretty photos in abundance! 

Planets and whimsy.

I like this one; quite surreal with the warehouse and tyres. It had just started to rain.

Some looovely pink sari fabric that my mum lent to me for the shoot. We're actually planning on making a curtain with it.

Being enigmatic and wistful.

I painted a little plastic Halloween skull bright colours to look more Day of the Dead.

I'm very proud of this one. I managed to get it in focus on the first (and only) shot c:

Being Frida-y in Holly's big, flower-abundant garden.

Flower headdress - made by moi (using an alice band, superglue and some fake flowers)

The beautiful Holly with one of the souvenir fans we all bought in Roma. I love the lighting in this one.

Hope you liked my pictures, and talk to y'all soon ~