Wednesday, 30 January 2013

prom queen dream

I am literally peeing myself with excitement as prom in on in under 4 months. My main cause for excitement is that I get to choose a dress and shoes and possibly a bag. I'm planning on going for a pastel coloured 50's style prom dress with clunky platforms and a sparkly cardigan. Etsy is an absolute shrine of gorgeous 50's prom dresses and I have been torturing myself  looking at all of them for a few weeks. Anyway prom viiibbbess........


me and sinead are planning to make some pretty cool and kitsch corsages



"Anyone between the ages of 10 and 21, you're about 200 different people."
-Patrick Wolf

being a teenager, its inevitable to experience so many emotions you can't count them. you're changeable and fickle and sometimes you hate yourself but sometimes you love yourself.
I remember a time when I was set in my ways that I was in love with the singer of Green Day, pink made me want to vom, and I was going to write comics when I grew up.

And now... I wear predominantly pastel colours (yes that includes pink), Patrick Wolf is my -imaginary- beau, I want to be a musician, and plastic-fantastic-everything rocks my world.

And I find myself defiant - almost proud - at all the stereotypes people stamp on me with every stare, every scowl, and every giggle behind my back.

Lesbian (archetypal).

Weirdo (which I am, actually).

Bitch (debatable, although I hate the term) .

I've ended up not caring about these labels. In fact, it's a clever thing to turn it around and turn it into an aesthetic thing. It takes confidence to call yourself derogatory terms just to be ironic, so I have yet to get the hang of that.

In other news, I am 30 minutes and 25 seconds in to the first episode of My Mad Fat Diary and I love it so much. It's so witty and honest and ..90s. Highly recommended.


Friday, 25 January 2013

a zine

I thought I jump on the zine bandwagon, so for about a week I have been cutting, drawing, and collaging my first ever zine- 'For the love of cats'. Its includes, poetry, fashion, music and feminism.  here is a little preview of my work...

If you would like me to send you a copy of this zine, just drop me an email.
lots of love 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


being uninspired is never fun. sometimes boredom reigns, sometimes it's sadness; but it's never fun. you know what is fun? finding a way to enjoy your own company, and then enjoying it. here are some things I have found to help.

1. listen to some powerful songs. happy songs can sometimes just make things worse, and sad songs can simply make you want to die (as Morrissey would probably stipulate to). songs that are vaguely angry and have a strong message are best, because they motivate you and get you feeling passionate about stuff. here are some of my personal favourites in playlist form (plus a sneaky peek of a photoshoot I did ridiculously early in the morning)

2. look through pictures from a happy time in your life. it brings back memories that are positive and inspiring.

yes, this for me is obviously patrick wolf photos.

3. MAKE ART. yes, this may seem silly and contradicts the whole point of this post, but I only suggest it because it never hurts to try when you feel this way. if it's too strenuous to try anything too heavy, collage is always an option. or craft things like crochet and making flower crowns.

a crochet headband I made. the first of many, soon to be put up on our ETSY SHOP.

4. a problem shared is a problem halved. talk to people and, if necessary, feel sorry for yourself. talking to someone who loves you (e.g. best friend) means they can offer sympathy, and, if you're really lucky, advice. there's nothing like whining to get something off your chest.

so, heavy stuff I know. but I thought it needed to be said.

hope it helped someone,



Monday, 21 January 2013

a little tease.

I have been slaving away, these past few weeks; re-decorating my bedroom.
Here is a little teaser of some fabrics I have used....

I hope when I am finished it will end up, being a oasis of calm and tranquility, that looks ( but not smells ) like a retirement home/french boudoir. 
*extra spoiler*- I have purchased an armchair.
Love Sophie 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

my stupid awkward face.

 If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you may have realised that I do not do many outfit posts. This is mainly because of...Some awful self esteem issues, the fact that I usually wear the same thing and also I don't really know how to pose. anyway heres a outfit I am to wear to see Les Miserable at the cinema.It includes an ASOS checked skirt-(that is an absloute dream as its fabulous and strangely warm),My Pink Floyd T-shirt, green tights and tapestry Doc Martens. As it is extremely cold I will also wear a cardigan and a coat and possibly a hat.
awkward outfit shot.

I added badges later. The badge on the left is a chess challenge badge from 1998 that I found in a charity shop 


Monday, 14 January 2013

making rainbows

Blurry pictures of my trying-not-to-look-hipster-and-failing outfit that I wore the other day. it consists of ROMWE galaxy leggings, Tabio legwarmers, the usual creepers, Topshop cardigan, and ever-present Patrick Wolf tshirt. It was too cold for these leggings, they're about as thick as 40 denier tights. Brr. Anyway, that was my first attempt at an outfit post in F O R E V E R. 

In other news, these beauties are my brand new super cheap h&m shoes. They are very strange (brogue-moccasin-platform-rockinghorseshoe hybrid) and I fell immediately in love with them when I decided they were very cheap and I don't own a pair of silly shoes.

Today in science Sophie and I made rainbows with plastic prisms and smashed up spinach leaves. It was fun.


a frugal film review.

A few weeks ago I bought (from Amazon) the film Restless, because it said it was about a nature lover girl and a boy that likes going to funerals. When I got it I put off watching it because I read a review somewhere that it is a 'heartbreaking' movie and I am not good with sad. 




Here is the trailer for your enjoyment 

It is an extremely sad movie (I'm not going to tell you why, though) But it is also beautiful in a very simple way. The relationship between Annabelle and Enoch is extremely refreshing in its innocence and individuality. Not to mention the costume design is glorious, Annabelle (Mia Wasikowska) wears a lot of tweed, plaid and hats and combines 60's, 20's and 40's; clothing that seems to have been causally plucked from a charity shop. Annabelle from Restless is my new style crush. Enoch (a name had never heard before I watched this movie) played by Henry Hopper, wears a lot of black, and often dresses like a victorian gent. He also owns one of the best pairs of sunglasses I have seen in a while. 

I thought this film was very lovely, well acted and brave, so go on watch it and form you own opinion about it. 


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

willow tweed brogues.

I have been kidding myself that I can dress in black all the time.
 For a while I have wanted to look mysterious and edgy but I have now realised that I just don't look mysterious or edgy. So I have decided to find a different style. I think a mash up of 60's, clueless and preppy style will do the trick. 

The endlessly beautiful Karen Gillan in "we'll take manhattan'
which is fabulous and worth a watch.  

This style transformation is also prompted by two pairs of fabulous shoes- my tapestry Doc Martens and these.... that I have ordered from ASOS

anyway I'll leave you with this 

 kiss kiss

Friday, 4 January 2013

a crack on the head is what you get for asking.

First of all, I know my blogging skills are sporadically awful and ajfghftr there are just words that I can't express because ill and confused. My new year's resolution is to just listen to and make music aaaall the live long day forever and have lilac hair and be ALONE apart from cats and a select few fun gals (ie Sophie).

Another reason for my bad blogging is that I cannot abide using photobucket. It frustrates me immensely and I dislike it with a childish intensity. So, here are some things that are in my possession as of late..

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures, The Smiths - Meat Is Murder, Lana Del Rey - Born To Die Paradise Edition

Needless to say when I received the Lana cd I was a mess of girl-crush giggles and anticipation, I hadn't heard some of the Paradise stuff. My favourite song on it at the moment is American, its very beautiful despite being weirdly patriotic. Cola is also an instant classic, kudos Lana "don't treat me rough, treat me really niceys". I got the other two cds with a HMV voucher I got for Christmas. When I'm well enough I shall do an outfit post showing you lovely people some new clothes I have too - tartan jeans and a Bowie tshirt for the WIN.
Patrick Wolf - Archive EP 1

Oh, there were tears. I may be silly, but it is signed by him so my tears are legit (IT REALLY IS, OK). And he drew little birds and stars and 'wrote made with love in London by Patrick Wolf' ohhh. So many things I love in one thing. And the cd itself is a demo-and-rare-stuff delight. THERE'S A DEMO FROM 1999 AND AND I'll stop now.

This BEAUTIFUL ruffly, floral and everything-good blouse came in the post from Texas from my fairy Godmother. It is Free People and it is magnificent. It has puffy sleeves and a cinched waist and I plan to wear it with my white 50s circle skirt as soon as the weather allows it. Oh, and with these too...

EEP AREN'T THEY SO PRETTY?! A gift from my mum. They are vintagey-crochety-wonderfulness.

I made a crochet headband, yay for that! I'm thinking of making many and putting them on etsy, what d'you reckon? 

Belated hugs to you all


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

your the heroine,you'll be doing fine.

I have had a fruitful and lovely christmas break, there has been so much food (so much smoked salmon) Today I feel a little deflated as I am lonely and bored and meh. anyway look....

I bought loads of badges that I found in SMR phoenix I brought them to the till and the guy said I just needed to pay a donation for them, I payed £1. The CD is a mix from Sinead with some entertaining photos on it. 

My mum bought me and my sister this book
               which is entertaining and also strangely informative,
          it contains a section on feminism which is rather brilliant

I think they may be my new favourite thing.
They look like a tapestry and have daffodils on them, whats not to like.

I shall finish with a song that makes me feel better.

lots of kisses