Friday, 24 August 2012

Terribly sorry, blogosphere....

 I have been ever so busy. Therefore I have neglected the blogging duties Sophie wholly entrusted in me.
Unfortunately, as I'm at my dad's house, I don't have my camera and therefore cannot post any new pictures. But I'll tell you about my week.

On Tuesday, Holly and I did a Frida Kahlo inspired photo shoot (for my Identity project in art), which consisted of us draped in saris, headscarves and fake flowers. I think it went really well. Anyway, the film is being developed, so as soon as I acquire the photos I will post them on here. 

On Wednesday I went to Fremington Quay with Micah, where we curled up and listened to The Cure and Pnau, which was nice, until an idiot from our school turned to his friend and not-so-discreetly said "is that a boy and a boy?" which enraged both the gay-rights activist in me and the fact that I am a girl. It was quite embarrassing. 

Yesterday I went to collect my GCSE results, but unfortunately I had to make unwanted interactions with several people from my school. I was grumpy and wanted to leave so that I could just get on a train to my dad's and listen to depressing music. When I was alone, I opened my envelope and was happily surprised that I got an A in one of my Science exams and an A* in the other, and an A* in my History exam. On the train I discovered just how amazing the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack is. 

And today was the best day of all; I discovered that Bishi follows me on Twitter, and I saw the new Patrick Wolf video, was told my nebula leggings had arrived, and came up with a tune for a new song.

I'll post some photos soon, of recent illustrations and leggings and songwriting things. Also I filmed some new videos of me singing, and shall try and Youtube them asap.


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