Friday, 10 August 2012

Made some stuff

This is the dress I made yesterday out of the material in my (Sinead's) last post. I also bought some lace and a zip for it with Sophie (also mentioned in a previous post, I think).

I'm quite proud of it. Above is the lace detailing on the collar thing, and a bow in the centre. I had a bit of trouble getting the waist the right size, but I think it's fine now.

Here's a skirt I made today, and a better look at the whole dress behind it. I like the little skirt, it's made of the same fabric as the collar I made ages ago. I think I might make a habit of making my own clothes, and making them as presents for other people too.

For my next project I plan to make a skirt, either made of kitten-patterned fabric or with some form of kitten embellished on it, and with lilac ribbon and buttons. WATCH THIS KITTEN-OBSESSED SPACE.


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