Thursday, 30 May 2013

weather permitting fashion

I thought I should compile a summer wish-list of clothes I wish that I could own (or afford!) These clothes are also weather permitting as English weather is often erratic and down right mean and doesn't always allow you to wear shorts. 

1- I really really want a new shirt (as my last one got ripped on a gate:( )  This one in particular is from Topshop, but I'm sure you can find one just as good in the men's section of any charity shop. 

2-I need me some lolita style heart shaped sunglasses, because who wouldn't benefit from wearing the cutest shaped sunglasses in the world. These are from - asos 

3- kimonos are just flawless and I have a few in my dressing up box, so I will definitely utilise them this summer. This Kimono is also Topshop

4. I have lots of clunky brogues and boots and their just too hot for summer I need some sandals that are clunky but keep my feet cool, This pair of shoes from Topshop will do the trick  

5. This shorts are just lovely, they are from a brand called madewell a brand I have never heard of) they are quite expensive; so I might just embroider some shorts I already have 

6. I have always wanted a really floaty tulle skirt that I can swish around everywhere unfortunately I don't know where this skirt is from :( 

7. This awesome Frida kahlo t-shirt is from Forever 21, It has given me a great idea for a stencilling project!! 

I hope this has been helpfulxxx 

lots of love 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


At the moment it doesn't quite feel like summer or even spring, I feels like I should be wearing floaty dresses and shorts, but its really cold and just a little but miserable. Revision has been taking up a lot of my time but this half term break has allowed me to blog a little bit more, so I hope thats a good thing. 

I took a few photos, they kind of match my mood, which is good. 

sunburnt nose 

I've been listening to The Smiths pretty much constantly,
 I'm beginning to think, my parents think I have a problem
ochres and mustard colours have become my life 


anyway, be happy 

lots of love 


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

make tea, not war

Last weekend I went to a pretty flawless camping trip/ wedding. The weather was great and everything was just lovely. 
On the Friday me, the family and other wedding guests went to a pub (which name has slipped my mind) I thought it would be a typical english pub with lots of wooden beams, and horrible curtains,but it had this insane 60's/70's decor that was a complete dream. 

too true 

My grandma actually has the same plates,
whenever I see them I am struck by how awesome and psychedelic they are 


two examples of awesome wall paper 

Saturday was the actual wedding ceremony , it was held in the walled garden at Hartland Abbey, It was a very beautiful and I almost shed a tear, almost. 

After the ceremony we meet some adorable and friendly donkeys, that just stood there and let me and Emily stroke and pat them.  
The wedding car was beyond cool...

After the ceremony we went to this really pretty farmhouse place that had been decorated with probably about 1000m of bunting (heaven) 

at the start of the weekend all of the guests had to choose a mug, they were all really cool and vintage and it took me a long time to choose one! 
A really pretty outhouse that I think was a therapy room.

The wedding also included- a folk band playing an acoustic set outdoors, some delicious cakes, another really cool band that played a Tina Turner Melody and.... a really cool old guy playing the bagpipes. All in all a very good weakend!

lots of love

Monday, 27 May 2013

angsty teenager creations.

I've only just re-discovered my polyvore, and trawling through all the angstey sets that my 14-year-old self made is very interesting. Some of my creations are actually quite cool, so i thought I should document a few....
ignore the dubious titles.
if you want to check my polyvore out, here is a link 

OMG, ^ 

I actually did this yesterday
 to make sure I could still polyvore like a pro
subtle doctor who stuff was my thing 

If your brave enough and if spelling mistakes don't bother you, you should check my polyvore out -- (or not) 

lots of love


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

tore my yellow dress.

On saturday me, Sinead, Hannah and Holly went to see The Great Gatsby for Sinead's birthday..It was a completely perfect day and fun was had by all, anyway ( I want to talk about the film, sorry Sinead ) 
As you may already know, I adore the 1920's as an era, the flappers, the jewels the beautiful interior design. So The Great Gatsby was a complete dream for me. I have to say Baz Luhrman's extravagent film-making is not always to my taste and there were parts of the movie that I thought were too extravagant and just too much, but I definitely enjoyed the movie and I especially enjoyed the costumes.... 

source, unknown 

source, source 
Throughout the movie Daisy's (played by Carey Mulligan) look was a complete pastel dream, she wore a lot of lace and one or two strings of pearls. She stuck to whites and pinks and occasionally lilacs, this contributed to a dreamy yet very innocent looking appearance; which is almost the complete opposite of her true disposition. 

source, source
I loved daisy's look but I was more in love with Jordan Baker (Elizabeth Debicki) just look at her with her jewel encrusted collar and her super geometric hat pin, what is not to like. 

Of course I was inspired by these beautiful costumes, so I decided to draw some stuff, meh, this is what happens when I draw.

This song was also perfectly placed in the movie and is sooo beautiful 

I'm sorry if you haven't seen or read The Great Gatsby, ( I would recommend it ) 
and if none of this makes any sense to you 

lots of love 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

should I feel this calm?

I know my blogging has been pretty lack lustre at the moment, but I promise I will be an exciting and interesting blogger after I've finished my exams!! I will- 

                    Document my outfits, more.
 Make better playlists. 
Be funny.                              

Anyway, I have purchased some very pretty things in the last few weeks, and I thought I should document them. 

I purchased a typewriter , a  cat purse for £3 from a fancy dress shop, Grimes - vision ( which is the most perfect album ) and oh comely

the best purchase of all time (i'm not exaggerating) has to be this mini typewriter I got for £3 in a charity shop, not only is adorably pocket-sized the colour matches my room perfectly. 

yesterday me and Sinead went into town, to look in party shops, for a joint party we are having in the summer, I decided to treat myself to Oh comely, The latest issue is especially beautiful, with lovely whimsical illustrations and photographs -

A few weeks ago I purchased this skirt from Topshop, Its got to be one of favourite items of clothing. It has a really cool shape, and the fluorescent flowers are just so cool.

Lastly, This song is just so beautiful,.

Lots of love 

Friday, 10 May 2013

a night to remember? part 2

Like I said in my last post, me and Sinead had a very lovely prom night. We played 'how many times can we swear at each other without anyone noticing across the dinner table'. We danced around the girls with massive dresses. We kicked off our heels and danced until 11: 30pm ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!

my super classy corsage with a tiny teapot on it. 

just some classy ladiezzzz having drinks before prom 

Sinead being the perfect prom date

a good time was had by all

lots of love 


Thursday, 9 May 2013

a night to remember?

Hi Hi
I'm soooo sorry I haven't blogged for a while, but I've been exceedingly busy with exams and bluerrrgghh. Anyway, last thursday was PROM. Its was an extremely joyous occasion but unfortunely the music wasn't up to much, so I have compiled a 'practically perfect prom tunes playlist' for your delectation....

Panic- The Smiths

I Always Knew- the Vaccines

Be A Body- Grimes

Biology- Girls Aloud

Common People- Pulp

Disco 2000- Pulp

Kill The Director- The Wombats

Be My Baby- The Ronettes

Kiss That Grrrl- Kate Nash

lots of love 
Sophie xxx