Friday, 17 August 2012

Songs for Sleep.

Lucky Ones - Lana Del Rey

It's Hard to Get Around the Wind - Alex Turner

Above are the two best songs (in my opinion) for getting to sleep from the two artists I am newly obsessed with. 
Lana's album has a mix, really, of upbeat songs and slower ballads, but they all have a certain tragic, romantic quality that makes me positively drunk with emotion whenever I hear it. Million Dollar Man has that really classic, super-romantic croon that Lana does so well, and the chorus of Lucky Ones I think just sounds like a lullaby. I think it's a really sweet song.

And Alex Turner's soundtrack for Submarine is so perfect for both the film and the book that I can scarcely believe it; I'm not usually a huge fan of soundtracks on their own, I usually focus more on the film (and also, sometimes when a soundtrack is not that good, it just ruins the atmosphere of the film for me), but with this particular one it just matches so perfectly with the film. I don't know if I noticed as much before I listened to the soundtrack on its own, but now that I have, I think that no other music would have been as well-suited to the film as Alex Turner's is.

Love and submarines,

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