Wednesday, 8 August 2012

So many dresses today

 Seal socks and vintage DM shoes. I looove these shoes, they go with everything. Chunky shoes are the best.
Silly face
 Red polo shirt thing with swallow motif.
New skirt.
 I made on of my old dresses (inherited from a cousin) into a midi skirt. I thought it was a waste to give it away just because it got too short as a dress, and I love the pattern, so I just turned it into a skirt. Hurray for customisation!
My loot.
Went shopping today, and came back with two dresses, some kawaiiii socks, bright tights, vintage fabric, sewing machine needles and brooch backs. And nearly all of them were total bargains, yay!

Cute bunny socks for £1, huzzah!
This pretty chiffony dealio was £5. It's really soft.
Pretty pretty pretty. I like the diamondy pattern.
Here it is on me. The perspective is strange in this picture, so my legs look small.

I basically made a dress out of the material already, but I still have to add a zip and some lace to jazz it up. I'll post some pictures soon. I'm quite proud of it, seeing as I didn't use a pattern or anything (they confuse me infinitely), yet managed to produce a nifty little summer dress with a collar and a bow and everything. 

ANYWAY, enough incessant rambling, goodnight my darling owlets.
(lots of kisses tonight.)

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