Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Head-rushes and Wandering in the Woods...

The not-that-long-awaited video debut of FLAPJACK OWL's Sinead Westwood (and her baritone ukulele) - featuring an appearance from Emily Squire (Sophie's sister) and Siouxie Sioux the chicken. ENJOY 


Hola gatitos, 
So here are a few snippets of my day.
Woke up at an ungodly hour to find that my cat had claimed a large portion of my pillow, thusly deteriorating the quality of my sleep from then on (as I didn't have the heart to move her).
Trudged to the dentist in the rain, only to find that my appointment is tomorrow.
Travelled to my dear friend (and fellow cat-lover) Sophie's house, where we proceeded to ignite the blogging flame that is FLAPJACK OWL.

Over and out, Sinead

A piece of sunshine (in shirt form)

                                                               Sinead's ensemble for today
Sunshine yellow shirt - a charity shop near Notting Hill Gate                                                       
      Lovely buttons ^^
Worn with those dear old white patent DMs to give the outfit OOMPH!

Head-rushes and walking in the woods

Ahoy ahoy, so we have made a little petite musical video-ette for your delectation. It a fabulous little ditty by our very own Miss Sinead Westwood and it is inspired by head-rushes and walking in the woods. The video is a little unusual and includes quite a few shots of Sinead jumping gleefully on the trampoline, we will be uploading it shortly.....xxxx

Good Day!

Hello internet voyagers. Our names are Sinead and Sophie and as a collective we are...................... THE FLAPJACK-OWLS. TWIT-TWOO and all that jazz. We pledge to blog about all things bright and beautiful; all creatures great and small (such as cats owls sloths etc) we may also include craftiness ( the crochet type, not being sneaky) a bit of general art, a smattering of music and perhaps a little filmmaking. We may also attempt to wear nice clothes and show them to you. Maybe.Also we may choose to include a personal touch and inform you of mildly interesting goings-on in our mundane but pleasant lives. 
So sit back and be prepared to be slightly interested.