A little bit about us.


Sophie is a future hobbit-housewife present freelance photographer and film-maker of pretty things, she enjoys eating crunchy carrots, listening to sad 90's pop music and wondering whether she can ever partake in rebellion of any kind. She can also trip over ANYTHING. 


Sinead likes being a feminist, hating politicians, and admiring pretty pastel coloured things. She aspires to one day have lilac hair and live in Tokyo as a successful musician and graphic novelist with an ambitious fashion sense. Sinead plays the viola, baritone and concert ukuleles, and sings. Patrick Wolf is her idol, and she likes telling people the story of when she met him.

WHY THEY ARE FRIENDS (and have been since year 5)

They bonded over a mutual love of small Japanese characters and creating art, and a mutual hatred of those who said that they were "good drawers" (in case you were wondering why, it is because 'drawer' is the wrong word for this context and we are vigilant with our grammar)..
 Later in their school days, the two began their now-renowned outbursts of song (generally in the field of show-tunes or power ballads), a habit of theirs that both entrances and repulses their peers.
 They have travelled together, to Rome, Exeter, Lundy Island, an annual yurt, and several beaches. They share many beauteous memories of these truly happy times.
 Though the pair have had their metaphorical ups and downs, the petty falling-outs have ended now, and Sophie and Sinead live happily (not together, but happily).
Sophie's masterpiece - the best photograph ever taken.

Colourful Rain proof attire.
Sophie with a sticker on her nose 

Being Japanese tourists in the Colosseum.

Lundy Island.

The Trevi fountain in Rome.

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