Monday, 23 September 2013

Oh.I wish I could be a cat.

I have finally got round to creating myself an 8tracks account, so I can share with you playlists more easily. I've made a mix of songs that are getting me through awkward 3 hour breaks between lessons and endless homework. 




Sunday, 22 September 2013

earrings, safety pins and a piece of coral

I was set a really cute assignment in Art a few weeks ago; It was to fill a match box with objects that say something about me and then draw it. My drawings are pretty awful, but I took some photographs to compensate.My matchbox was really tiny, hence all my objects had to be really tiny. They include:

  • a piece of coral my art teacher in year 3 gave to me. 
  • two really cool earrings 
  • one of my great-grandmothers brooches 
  • a safety pin 
  • a silver horse charm (for a bracelet) 
  • a heart-shaped button 
  • a peace-sign necklace charm  
  • a mirror 

I'm not sure if these objects really represent me. The earrings and the brooch show how i'm a bit of a magpie who likes sparkly things. But the rest is just things that I use or I found around the house. Anyway here are my photographs- 

In other news, I am completely obsessed and in love with this  song. 

lots of love xx

Saturday, 21 September 2013

fair timez

Here are some snaps I took at the fair on friday. I'm a massive fan of fairs, the aesthetic of all the lights and crappy stuffed toys.The smell of fried onions and candy-floss and the interesting dance music. I'm also a massive fan of waltzers and dodgems.
this is the undisputed queen of all fairground rides and I went on it. 

William shooting for Holly's affection 

Holly choosing what stuffed toy she wants (she went for a duck) 

kawaii happy-timez song dude ^ 

lots of love and kisses 


Thursday, 12 September 2013

pink and purple sistas

On the weekend Em and I  decided to do some tie-dying of anything and everything that was white and cotton, I ended up dying a t-shirt, pair of sock and a bra. we're not known for our  successful craft projects so we were slightly dubious of how things would turn out.But Tie-dyes pretty easy and very hard to get wrong so the results were really fab. Yesterday we decided to document our efforts with a little photoshoot. My sister is a flawless queen as you can see. 




Monday, 9 September 2013

complete rubbish

I'm really sorry my blogging at the moment has been a little lack lustre, but at the moment, its just-college,college, college. To keep you entertained here is another of my dream college outfits- 

dream outfit

dream outfit by gallifreyantoast featuring Uniqlo

also, I have changed the name of my tumblr to drearysequinqueen and its pretty vibbeey (sorry)
at the moment check it out here

Sorry about this awful disjointed blog post

Lots of love

Friday, 6 September 2013

non-uniform days

Some stuff I wore for my first 3 days of college. I'm sorry about the awful photo quality, i've been taking them on my webcam before college starts.
Rocking the tartan nail wraps on my first day (sorry about my face)
A shirt I decided to buy because it reminded me of toothpaste. 

This blouse is sooo pretty omagawd, I purchased it last week from Chelsea girl at River Island.

I've been listening this on repeat.... 

lots of love 


p.s- sorry about my awful photoshopping skills 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


 As I promised here is the music video I made to go with Sinead's magical tune- Famou$. Starring- Sinead (Or SATU) 

unfortunately the vid doesn't cover the whole song but you can listen to the whole thing here 

hope you enjoy it 
sophie xx 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

dancing in fields

Some taster stills from our new music video for Sinead's Song Famous. The actual video should be out in the next few days... 

enjoy xx