Tuesday, 31 December 2013


hey cats!!!

so, first of all, REALLY SORRY that i haven't posted in like a million billion years. college and christmas are kind of my excuses for that. 
BUT on the plus side, this means i have a load of stuff to post about now.

so here are some pics from my trip to london last week, in which lots of stuff happened.

^so, lets just take a moment to appreciate the fact that i met patrick wolf again and gave him some of my music and he said he'd email me. ok. yes.^

^wandering from oxford street me and my friend annie found an aquatics design centre full of amazing UV lit fish tanks and dart frogs and seahorses and wow. never realised i love pretty fish so much.^


^cyberdog in camden. i love the crazily loud rave music and lights everywhere and the fact that half of my outfit was glowing cus of the uv lights.^

^I bought these adorable (too big) shoes in the oxford street topshop sale (yes, i survived the masses) and added some cute holographic smiley stickers from urban outfitters (although on principle i normally boycott uo for a number of reasons). the jeans are vintage levis from rokit and the socks are also topshop.^

^some creepy doll keychains in camden^

so there are some muddled little snippets of my london trip ^^

ooh and btw, i now have ~instagram~, so feel free to follow me or just check it out or anythin! 

Monday, 23 December 2013

candyfloss and peach