Thursday, 22 August 2013

i know where the summer goes

The summer holidays are almost over, and Sinead and I will be starting college (unfortunately different ones:( You don't have to wear a uniform at my college so I am already beginning to panic about how i'll have to put together different outfits everyday. To compile my thoughts and aesthetic I will do what every good teen blogger does-collect my vibbbezzzzz-
both tumblr 

all tumblr

 amelie, buzzfeed 
polyvore set of my ideal back to skool outfit 

So basically I'm gonna wear loads of plaid skirts, clumpy shoes, cat eye makeup, band t-shirts, peter pan collars and denim jackets. Okay. 

lots of love 

Monday, 19 August 2013

canal boating (belated)

 ok so here are some snaps from our canal boating adventure that soph posted a video about

sorry 4 lack of posting, sinead

Saturday, 17 August 2013

um.. holiday,ruins and baby cows

Hey lovely people, i'm very sorry i haven't blogged in such a long, I was on holiday and there was approximetley 0 internet connection. Anyway Holiday-wise, Me, my family and some much loved friends of the family went to Masham, which is a really pretty town in North Yorkshire. We stayed stayed in a really cool looking restored chapel; I tried not to think of all the ghost opportunities that building had! During the holiday we went to many different historical ruins. Also quite a few museums.
We also attended an agricultural show which included- ferret racing, terrier racing, a fancy dress horse competition and possibly the cutest baby cow, eva! Much fun was had by all and we ate a lot of cheese. 

Fountains Abbey 

We decided to have a little swim in the river, it was very cold but very pretty

The agricultural show 
there was a turf competition this person won, they must be so proud. 

a very thin house that needed documenting

kiss kiss 


(btw I do know that a baby cow in called a calf) 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

joining clubs.

Lately me and Sinead have partaken in many different ventures and have joined a number of collectives, so I thought I'd update you lovely readers about all the cool stuff we are taking part in-- 

Sinead has set up an online zine called creepygurlzine for those who love to create art and lovely pretty things. Find it and love it here

Both me and Sinead write for Outsider Zine, which is a collection of the coolest and friendliest human beings, who write,draw and create on a regular basis 

And finally Sinead has illustrated and written some pretty badass things on the Pulp Zine, 

I hope you enjoy all of these online zines, they are all truly magnifique 

Lots of love 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

dream boat

Hi, really sorry we've been away for a bit, anyway the reason we weren't around was because we were on holiday. 
We had a lovely time narrow-boating on the Llangollen canal, We sat for hours in the sun watching the world go by, ate a lot of delicious cheese, painted, embroidered and surprisingly didn't fall into the canal! I compiled a sort of visual diary documenting our trip, I hope you enjoy:) 

Lots of love