Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My special box.


Sorry, I (Sinead) have been fairly absent for a little while. Yes, a few days really does count as a 'while' for me. 
Some things happened; for example, I had a haircut and am now sporting a short bowl cut not unlike our darling Mr Wolf's current one. I'll post some photos soon, in the firm belief that someone somewhere will be interested.

Anyway, this post isn't about any of that (well, it involves Patrick Wolf, but much of my life does). This post is about my SPECIAL BOX (oooh, sounds enticing, right? Tis for me). Here's the story:

When I went to see Patrick Wolf last October, his fiance William was doing the merch stall (for all those Wolfpackers reading this, ADORABLE RIGHT INO RIGHT?!), so naturally I was drawn to it as soon as it opened. I think I made 3 separate visits to the stall, each time bashfully greeting William (who acted politely unassuming, although he'd just seen me being a nervous wreck when I met Patrick.).

I bought an iron-on patch thing for my jacket, with the Patrick logo on it.

I also bought a tour t-shirt (which we had a conversation with William about, because I was conflicted about whether to purchase that or a yummy hoodie with Patrick's unicorn tattoo design on it).

My final buy was a box, intended to contain like a special vinyl package or something, but they were selling empty ones for £3 and they had pretty Patrick pictures on them so I bought one. Yes, it was slightly impractical to hold it in some form of awkward embrace for the whole journey back from Cardiff on the train, but I didn't mind. It was also quite awkward to manouvre through rain and then busy train stations carrying the box, a large poster and my bag.

ANYWAY. My box currently contains these things:

Concert tickets from Patrick's show
The bus ticket we got to Mermaid Quay, where the venue was
The printed meet-and-greet email (I needed it to get into the meet-and-greet)
Paper wristband from the Glee Club (the venue)
My postcard collection
Paintings of Patrick (for the christmas card thing the Tumblr Wolfpackers did)
Some biro doodles from many a science lesson with Sophie
A French 'Arts Magazine' that Micah brought me back from Paris

Wolfy hugs, 

P.S; sorry for the fan-girl-y post, but I haven't really done one yet and I thought it was due.

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