Friday, 17 August 2012

Things that have happened.

Yesterday I had a day out with our dear friend Holly, who will hopefully be writing a few pieces for our blog soon.

My outfit consisted of my yellow shirt, a grey patterned pullover from a vintage stall at Llama festival, my red shorts and Doc Marten shoes.

Patrick Wolf, my current hair-spiration, and a better look at my new hair. Ta daa!

I made a Frida Kahlo/Lana Del Rey-style headdress thing with fake flowers. ~

I also spent AGES gluing individual pink beads and random tacky pink things onto an alice band. It's my kitsch little Crown Of Pinkness. 

Today I haven't really done anything noteworthy. Except some maths. Which I am proud of, because I HATE and am AWFUL at maths. Oh and I made a video of another one of my songs, but I can't upload it yet because the camera ran out of battery and I need to charge it. Not that you care, probably... I'll shut up now. Just thought seeing as I'm temporarily in charge of this blog, I should keep it full of new stuff. 


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