Saturday, 11 August 2012

Getting my 9 hours (or not)

So... for the past few weeks I have been suffering from a very mild case of 'not being able to sleep at night', possibly caused by the heat, or that my mind will not simply switch off every night; like I am used to it doing. I go from mainly thinking about food and television in the day, to thinking about elaborate business plans: For a company creating short films for young playwrights and why on earth where jelly babies created (I mean who wants to eat babies made of jelly?) as soon as my head hits the pillow.As a girl who up until she was 13 went to bed at 7:00pm every-night, lack of sleep really does effect me. But I have to admit their are positives as well as negatives to not sleeping when your meant too.......

Reasons for sleeping when your supposed too-

  1. Tradition 
  2. Stops you from being tired in the day,falling asleep into your books at school, falling asleep on the bus etc.......
  3. Stops you getting those horrible head-aches you get when you sleep in the day.

Reasons for not sleeping when your supposed too-

  1. Feeling like your the only one awake in the house, the street, the woooorrlld (well maybe not the world, due to different time zones ) 
  2. Watching the sky change colour ( super soppy I know but.. well pretty ) 
  3. Feeling like your breaking some unwritten rule; by eating at night for example.
  4. Full of new night-timey ideas, for art, music, topiary etc...

(*do not try to sew sequins onto to anything late at night it well end badly*)

happy sleeping ( or staying awake ) 
Sophie xx 

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