Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer mood

So, from saturday Sinead and I will not be able to blog as we are going to wales on a canal boating holiday. It promises to be a super tranquil trip and I plan to embroider,paint and collage for like the whole time. I also want to wear cute (nautical-ish) clothing and wave to cute boys as we pass them, on top of our narrowboat that will probably be named 'lucy' or something - so heres a cute outfit that would be perfect for that particular situation- 

On the river

On the river by gallifreyantoast featuring made well

^a good summer song 

I promise we'll have loads to share with you after the holiday xx 

lots of love 


Thursday, 18 July 2013

could they melt in the sun?

I have to admit I’m pretty crazy about plastic shoes at the moment. So much so, that I am doing a whole blog post on them (yeah). I got my Juju shoes a few weeks ago and I haven’t peeled them off for as long. Mine are a cool bright pink and are just transparent enough so that you can see your socks through them. They look super great, really 90's and they remind of the 'Jellies' I wore when I was like 5.  

 Rookie did a super cool photo-shoot with Juju shoes, 

check it out here 

The only negatives of plastic shoes are that you get insanely sweaty feet, so I would recommend wearing them with socks. Also don't try walking any long distance in them as they will completely mangle your feet (I say this from experience) But please don't be put off, they are fabulous shoes that are perfect for the beach. 

sorry about this awkward blogpost

love ya 


Monday, 15 July 2013

spending warm summer days indoors,

Hello lovelies, Its been a few days since I last updated, and I have to say not a lot has happened since then. Its been very warm for about a week and I have just wanted to go to the beach everyday but unfortunately due to everyone being on holiday I haven't been able to do this, instead I've been slowly working my way through my extended edition Lord of The Rings box set and eating far too much.Anyway a few days ago I picked up this top in the sale at River Island, usually i'm not the biggest fan of the store itself but I really like their Chelsea Girl range which is really cool and vintage looking, this top is from that range-  

Its really floaty and romantic. The lace and the high collar kind of reminds of the costumes in Picnic at Hanging Rock- 

I've also been keeping busy with my diary/scrapbook.  I really enjoying creating something that I will look back and probably laugh at! 

I'll finish with this 

Ezra Koenig, omg 

lots of love 


Monday, 8 July 2013

But I'm quite alright hiding today

Here is a short compilation of lovely things I have purchased over the past few weeks, that I had to document. 
This completely gorgeous top was in the sale and the only one left in store was my size ( it was meant to be) I love the lace edging and the tiny pockets that you can't fit anything in, topshop
super cute bird necklace that I got for £1 in a charity shop 

VERY awesome semi-precious stone necklace that is I picked up at a car boot sale for £3.
 I really want to know what this stone is called if anyone knows pls pls tell me. 
I also purchased 'marie antoinette' for a bargain 50p also at a car boot sale. I watched it last night and like very single 
other teenage blogger gurl I loved the lavish aesthetic and awesome cakes. 

A dreamy song for long dreary days 

lots of love 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

they help me see.

I finally admitted to myself that I probably needed to get my eyes checked a few weeks ago, I went to the opticians and they told me I needed glasses. I'm not feeling sad about this. I get to wear super cute frames that will not only allow me to read for more than 5 minutes but will enable me to put my glasses on the end of my nose when someone says something particularly shocking.. 

cue specspiration- 



here are the actual frames I have chosen- 

I've decided that these are my fun-time glasses, I think my mum had a similar pair in the 80's 

these are my serious, student glasses.

lots of love 


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

its meant to be summer.

One of my summer resolutions was to post more outfit posts,so this is my outfit for today- 
sorry about the awkward face. 

cardigan- charity shop 
t-shirt- fashion union 
belt- new look 
Shoes-Doc Martens 

lots of love