Thursday, 29 November 2012


I'm totally in love with the advert for Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I love the dreaminess and pretty summer imagery. It kind of reminds me of Picnic at Hanging Rock (a creepy-beautiful classic, I highly recommend it).

pictures from video
In other news


I'll explain: I've been toying with the idea of doing a zine for aaages now, and coming up with various prototypes and discarding ideas and blah. BUT now it is FINISHED and I'm quite happy with it c:

Here is a sneaky peek for y'all;

So yeah, let me know via the email thing if you want to do swapsies or whatevs.


P.S. no, I do not miss Summer at all. Where on earth would you get that idea.


HEY. I did a tie-dye t-shirt (shown in previous post), and now I'm gonna show you how to do it! Yay for my first craft tutorial!

I used Dylon hand-dye for mine, so the instructions will vary - therefore I won't go into too much detail. But basically you'll need to dissolve some table salt in water, then add the dye and then put the tee in the water. Stir it around for like 15 minutes (sooo boring) and then every now and then for about 45 minutes. Rinse the tee straight after and then wash it (I'd recommend washing it separately for the first few washes, the colours might run). When it's dry, you're good to go!

The finished product is somewhere in this post.

Hope this was useful/fun/whatever, 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

harajuku wannabe

I fashioned some too-small tights into cute little pop socks! Also, note the shiny pink shoes *.* AREN'T THEY PRETTY?! I don't even want to wear them outside because they're so pretty and Barnstaple doesn't deserve them.

Appreciate the fluorescence. I went for a grungey pink look, with the DIY skeleton necklace from this post (although the picture here is awful, ha).


This look is quite similar to the one I tried out above. Statement necklace, pink baggy top etc.

I looove pastels (as if that wasn't obvious, ha). Anyway, that's it


a lazy post.

I am feeling lazy so i'm going to let this video do the talking.

This is probably the best thing ever. 

that is all


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Here are some of my most recent purchases/craft projects. Can't think of much to say, so here, have some pictures.
made a barrette.

^latest charity shop finds^

OH, watch this space for Plastic Kittens (I'm such an enigma, I know). What is it, you ask? You shall have to wait and see.



Monday, 26 November 2012

Another awful attempt at appreciation

I would have to say that I am one of Kate Nash's better fans. I mean her first album was called 'Pumpkin soup' and theres nothing better than an album named after a delicious gourd-based soup. 

Theres also nothing better than songs that have the lyrics- 

' Skeleton we have been friends for years
                And you have seen me through some trials
And tribulations and some tears
But everybody thinks I'm weird' 
             Skeleton Song, Pumpkin Soup  

'Kiss that Grrrl and I will shrink up
And I will die and I will think up
1, 000 ways that I can hurt you and
YOu will never touch my hand!'
     Kiss that Grrrl, Riot Grrrl 

'This is my face
Covered in freckles
With the occasional spot
And some veins'
      Mouthwash, Pumpkin Soup 

There are a thousand reasons why I love Kate Nash. A massive reason is her crazy awesome videos, that include massive cats, robot and roller-skates

other reasons include......

Miss Nash always dresses like she means it.
wearing adorable collars before it was cool. 
O ma gawd, the giant buttons 

She has been my hair-spiration for some time now...

 MouthwashPumpkin Soup, Kiss that grrrl 

I'm not particularly good at analysing albums or songs for that matter; so what I will say about Kate's music is - that it is gloriously british, funny, and extremely real.

lots of love 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Forgotten images.

Here are a few images that I found in a photo album, that of course I had forgotten but I now love. Their all probably taken by my mum. 

Yes that is Sinead and me. On my 10th birthday. 

Also, This song is the absolute best. 


Saturday, 24 November 2012


I need to stop biting my nails, it's getting painful and ridiculous. This is why schools should allow nail polish - aside from the fact it in no way distracts from education, it helps people like me stop biting their nails, simultaneously helping them look awesome.

Now, this is totally separate from that random snippet of annoyance above ^

Yesterday I had to travel to school just for a 5 minute meeting with my tutor. I don't even think I have to mention that this was a completely pointless enterprise.

Buuut, a plus is that I bought some random things, yaaay.

Flower-crown-making things, i.e. many fake flowers and a glue gun.

Family Knits

These AMAZINGly 80s knitting patterns were in a charity shop. The Family Knits one was a pound and it has looooads of patterns in it, and the other one is just for the jumper shown in the picture and it was 20p.

I'm planning to make most - if not all - of my christmas presents this year. Flower crowns and other sort-of-impractical-but-pretty things are top of my to-do list.

So, bye. I'll post a couple of crafty tutorials soon.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

crazed eruptions

Hey! So, today was really super-fun. A stark contrast to the semi-hibernating creative recluse thing I've had going on for a while.

Today I took my typewriter to school, which was REALLY HEAVY but totally worth it. I wrote some lyrics up for my art thing.

Also, I decided exactly what my plans are for college larks and such. When I'm sixteen I'm very definitely and defiantly going for the velvet-head look.

Aaand, my gorgeous friend Em found THIS gloriously bizarre thing. I totally nearly cried with joy.

Anyway, I'm excited because I want shaven raven hair and I love studs and punkiness and black lipstick. I want some white mascara and black lippy asap, so I can creep out the residents of North Devon!

This jacket is like so many things I love in one thing, but is it controversial for an alternative lass such as myself to really hate prison rosary beads ? I know they're making a statement and stuff, but really I prefer proper ones. The plain white plastic isn't colourful enough for me, and to me they look kind of unfinished.

I love this girl's hair, it's fab. And the dog collar. Also loving how she pulls off the no-brows look (the idea has a weird appeal to me but unfortunately I love my pyramids and I'd look really weird without them).

WANT some tartan jeans so bad. Also, the panda flip flops are just so so cute.

I've been having punky inspirations for a little while now.

THIS bracelet, only rediscovered and dug out of my childhood very recently (like yesterday) is just everything brilliant. Pink, glittery, studded... I love it.

Yes, I made a collage of super-cool grrrls (including Flo Welch, Patti Smith, Grimes, Pussy Riot). Alice Glass a prominent figure in the centre, as you can see. Also can you totally tell that this camera is actually really good sometimes?! Gah, love it.

Sorry for the long, random post. It kind of made sense in my head but is a little vague in reality.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

though she needs you more than she loves you.

Today I listened exclusively to I Know it's Over by The Smiths. All the Morrissey feels overwhelmed me (this may be confusing to those who don't know me; I adore his voice and he used to be totally beautiful and all, but his personality sucks lol so I often become confused and just everything when I listen to his music).

This video made me laugh because of Mozza's writhing and how he ends up with his shirt over his face at the end and still manages to just about make it angsty and cool -although if it was anyone else, they would look quite ridiculous. Also Jeff Buckley covered it and that version makes me want to cry out all my teen-gurl tears in one go.

So anyway, here are some pictures of a dress that recently came into my possession. It's a handmade 50s sugar-pink gem of a thing and I think I'm definitely in love with it.

that weird spidery thing to the left is my music stand btw

So that was the more positive part of my day. I shan't bore with the details.

Bye gatitos


Monday, 19 November 2012

Toffee apples and sad films

So I haven't done any 'life' blogging for a while so heres a blog post all about me....

On saturday I bought a woollen Tank-top for £4 in a charity shop its very warm and also makes me feel like a Land-girl.

 On Sunday I watched 'Bright star'. I shouldn't watch 'Bright star'. Every single time I watch it I am reduced to a sobbing sniffling mess. 

If you haven't seen it, basically it is the story of John Keats (the 18th century Romantic Poet) and his love for Fanny Brawne the girl who lived next door to him. I won't give too much of the plot away. But what I do want to say that it is beautifully filmed, so beautifully filmed that it quite literally makes me cry.

My father bought me a badger toffee apple ( yeh I'm not sure, either ) 

Lots of love 

p.s- sorry about the quality of the photos I have lost my good camera.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

pop goes culture

This weekend I've just been an arty recluse, writing angsty things on my typewriter and charity shop-going with Soph. Today all I did was listen to Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley and make collages. It's just been a quietly creative day. I dressed up like a little girl again.
happy cat.

pink pinafore dress, Finnish tshirt from a charity shop, headscarf.

Also, I thought I'd dig out these pretty shoes I got from New Look for a tenner last year. I've only worn them out once but I love them -I do like a chunky heel.

'scuse the dusty floor

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, computers have mildly disgusted me for a little while.

Love Sinead