Saturday, 18 August 2012

Today's things.

I found some pictures of Sophie and I's latest charity shop trawl, so, although obscenely belated, here they are. ~
My little yellow socks and Jeffrey Campbell shoes, yay. ~ Oh, and a rather stylish lamp.

Sophie admiring some 70s goodness in a vintage shop.
In other news, today I bought a wonderful blouse from the shop above. ^ It's sooo pretty, I love love love it. The label says Jaeger, which I later discovered is usually expensive... It was £4 when I got it, ha. The sleeves are quite madly puffy, so I decided it would work better if I rolled the sleeves up. Here it is:
'Scuse the pout, I don't even know what's going on there. 

An angsty, dark shot with my beloved curtains in the background.

Has a cute little collar ~

And the pattern is like op-art. 
I also bought Animal Farm in the same shop, for £1, and was delighted to discover that inside someone had pencilled their name and 'December 1952' on the inside cover. It excited me greatly.

So that's my ramble for today, darlings

Oh and by the way, I will shortly be uploading some of my recent illustrations, if anyone's interested.

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