Thursday, 20 September 2012

Diamond Eyes

Tell me I've got diamond eyes
Tell me that I'm yours, hold me til the sunrise
Love me til the end
Oh baby
I'll love you til the end 
My darling

Lyrics from my newest song project, Diamond Eyes. I'll be sure to post a video or audio post asap, but I currently don't own very good quality recording kit so it will probably have to be a rushed video I'm afraid. In other news, I got some pictures developed today, and also took some pictures with my dear friend Emily. My song for the day is Lucky Star by Madonna, it's just delightfully adorable and I love it. 
Last weekend I visited Crikey It's Vintage, a vintage fair in Exeter. I managed to get a 2013 diary with a glittery Frida Kahlo on the cover, and a stunning 80's Laura Ashley dress for just £15! Bargain! Kitsch wonders galore.

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