Sunday, 9 September 2012

Planets, flowers and Frida Kahlo

For 'Identity' in GCSE art, I am doing a Frida Kahlo-inspired project. I thought, who expresses their own identity perfectly in her artwork ? So, that's how that came about. Anyway, for part of my project I decided I wanted some Frida-style photos (brightly coloured walls, clothes, lipstick etc.) to back up the rest of my stuff. So here are the pictures from the first shoot. I just love my camera more and more every time I use it. My beloved ~*~*~* Anyway. I'll upload the rest of the Frida pictures as soon as I take and develop them (in a couple of weeks I shall be seeing my best friend in London, also my Godmother, so pretty photos in abundance! 

Planets and whimsy.

I like this one; quite surreal with the warehouse and tyres. It had just started to rain.

Some looovely pink sari fabric that my mum lent to me for the shoot. We're actually planning on making a curtain with it.

Being enigmatic and wistful.

I painted a little plastic Halloween skull bright colours to look more Day of the Dead.

I'm very proud of this one. I managed to get it in focus on the first (and only) shot c:

Being Frida-y in Holly's big, flower-abundant garden.

Flower headdress - made by moi (using an alice band, superglue and some fake flowers)

The beautiful Holly with one of the souvenir fans we all bought in Roma. I love the lighting in this one.

Hope you liked my pictures, and talk to y'all soon ~

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