Sunday, 16 September 2012

Things I bought at low low prices.

o ma gah, sorry about my chin

Today I took part in a car boot sale.  ( where you can sell things from.. you've guessed it; a car boot! ) To raise money for a charity trip to Uganda. I did do a lot of selling but when I could I snuck off looking for awesome stuff you can get at bargain prices such as.......A Pink Floyd t-shirt for 50p, a wicker picnic box that I'm going to use as a hand bag for £1, cute barrettes that where 50p each, A Terry Pratchett Book for a £1, some fake flowers for £1 and a Alice band for 25p; which I used to make a flower crown which turned out really well considering it only cost around £1.25! My sister also bought Mean girls for a £1, all in all a very fruitful day of shopping and for a fraction of the prize. 

p.s- we made about £20 profit :(

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