Sunday, 30 September 2012

I like pulling strange faces.

'umm flower crown' face 

Sinead said that I don't do enough fashion posts, so here is a fashion post for your delectation. My outfit for today consisted of a tie-dye top, tights, and sport shorts ( though i wore them for modesty under my shirt rather than for style ) I debated whether to wear my flower crown but my mum said she wouldn't go out of the house with me if I did ( I CAN'T THINK WHY ) I also wore my trusty  Doc Martens with animal print socks and a watch as an anklet. Because I don't usually wear a lot of makeup I thought I'd record that too. I wore some sparkly eyeliner from The Body Shop along the top of my eye and then put mascara only on my bottom lashes.
p.s- I'm having a funny face day
lots of love Sophie 

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