Wednesday, 26 September 2012

a terrible attempt at appreciation.

I don't usually do any kind of musical appreciation/album review type thing, but anyway, I'm going to have a go. So here we go *deep breath*....... OMG I FREAKING LUV MUMFORD AND SONS NEWW ALBUM GUYSS *and exhale* honestly I love those folkey guys from their waistcoats to their frantic banjo playing, and their new album is heartfelt and spectacular. I love the names of songs like ' Ghosts that we knew' and 'Whispers in the dark'. I love       the 'EH!' Marcus Mumford shouts in 'Babel'. I love the the lyrics 'Raise my hands, Paint my spirit gold' Its full of toe-tapping feet- stamping ditties and then beautiful and slightly bitter melodies. 

There is none of that silly ' I need to tend my imaginary crops and be a farmer and plough the land' thing like in their last album. and it fabulous and great and everyone should like babel and buy it and hold it close to their chests. or not 

This has been a badly written and not particularly informative album review thingy brought to you by Sophie Squire 


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