Tuesday, 22 January 2013


being uninspired is never fun. sometimes boredom reigns, sometimes it's sadness; but it's never fun. you know what is fun? finding a way to enjoy your own company, and then enjoying it. here are some things I have found to help.

1. listen to some powerful songs. happy songs can sometimes just make things worse, and sad songs can simply make you want to die (as Morrissey would probably stipulate to). songs that are vaguely angry and have a strong message are best, because they motivate you and get you feeling passionate about stuff. here are some of my personal favourites in playlist form (plus a sneaky peek of a photoshoot I did ridiculously early in the morning)

2. look through pictures from a happy time in your life. it brings back memories that are positive and inspiring.

yes, this for me is obviously patrick wolf photos.

3. MAKE ART. yes, this may seem silly and contradicts the whole point of this post, but I only suggest it because it never hurts to try when you feel this way. if it's too strenuous to try anything too heavy, collage is always an option. or craft things like crochet and making flower crowns.

a crochet headband I made. the first of many, soon to be put up on our ETSY SHOP.

4. a problem shared is a problem halved. talk to people and, if necessary, feel sorry for yourself. talking to someone who loves you (e.g. best friend) means they can offer sympathy, and, if you're really lucky, advice. there's nothing like whining to get something off your chest.

so, heavy stuff I know. but I thought it needed to be said.

hope it helped someone,



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