Wednesday, 2 January 2013

your the heroine,you'll be doing fine.

I have had a fruitful and lovely christmas break, there has been so much food (so much smoked salmon) Today I feel a little deflated as I am lonely and bored and meh. anyway look....

I bought loads of badges that I found in SMR phoenix I brought them to the till and the guy said I just needed to pay a donation for them, I payed £1. The CD is a mix from Sinead with some entertaining photos on it. 

My mum bought me and my sister this book
               which is entertaining and also strangely informative,
          it contains a section on feminism which is rather brilliant

I think they may be my new favourite thing.
They look like a tapestry and have daffodils on them, whats not to like.

I shall finish with a song that makes me feel better.

lots of kisses 

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