Monday, 14 January 2013

making rainbows

Blurry pictures of my trying-not-to-look-hipster-and-failing outfit that I wore the other day. it consists of ROMWE galaxy leggings, Tabio legwarmers, the usual creepers, Topshop cardigan, and ever-present Patrick Wolf tshirt. It was too cold for these leggings, they're about as thick as 40 denier tights. Brr. Anyway, that was my first attempt at an outfit post in F O R E V E R. 

In other news, these beauties are my brand new super cheap h&m shoes. They are very strange (brogue-moccasin-platform-rockinghorseshoe hybrid) and I fell immediately in love with them when I decided they were very cheap and I don't own a pair of silly shoes.

Today in science Sophie and I made rainbows with plastic prisms and smashed up spinach leaves. It was fun.


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