Friday, 4 January 2013

a crack on the head is what you get for asking.

First of all, I know my blogging skills are sporadically awful and ajfghftr there are just words that I can't express because ill and confused. My new year's resolution is to just listen to and make music aaaall the live long day forever and have lilac hair and be ALONE apart from cats and a select few fun gals (ie Sophie).

Another reason for my bad blogging is that I cannot abide using photobucket. It frustrates me immensely and I dislike it with a childish intensity. So, here are some things that are in my possession as of late..

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures, The Smiths - Meat Is Murder, Lana Del Rey - Born To Die Paradise Edition

Needless to say when I received the Lana cd I was a mess of girl-crush giggles and anticipation, I hadn't heard some of the Paradise stuff. My favourite song on it at the moment is American, its very beautiful despite being weirdly patriotic. Cola is also an instant classic, kudos Lana "don't treat me rough, treat me really niceys". I got the other two cds with a HMV voucher I got for Christmas. When I'm well enough I shall do an outfit post showing you lovely people some new clothes I have too - tartan jeans and a Bowie tshirt for the WIN.
Patrick Wolf - Archive EP 1

Oh, there were tears. I may be silly, but it is signed by him so my tears are legit (IT REALLY IS, OK). And he drew little birds and stars and 'wrote made with love in London by Patrick Wolf' ohhh. So many things I love in one thing. And the cd itself is a demo-and-rare-stuff delight. THERE'S A DEMO FROM 1999 AND AND I'll stop now.

This BEAUTIFUL ruffly, floral and everything-good blouse came in the post from Texas from my fairy Godmother. It is Free People and it is magnificent. It has puffy sleeves and a cinched waist and I plan to wear it with my white 50s circle skirt as soon as the weather allows it. Oh, and with these too...

EEP AREN'T THEY SO PRETTY?! A gift from my mum. They are vintagey-crochety-wonderfulness.

I made a crochet headband, yay for that! I'm thinking of making many and putting them on etsy, what d'you reckon? 

Belated hugs to you all


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