Wednesday, 21 November 2012

crazed eruptions

Hey! So, today was really super-fun. A stark contrast to the semi-hibernating creative recluse thing I've had going on for a while.

Today I took my typewriter to school, which was REALLY HEAVY but totally worth it. I wrote some lyrics up for my art thing.

Also, I decided exactly what my plans are for college larks and such. When I'm sixteen I'm very definitely and defiantly going for the velvet-head look.

Aaand, my gorgeous friend Em found THIS gloriously bizarre thing. I totally nearly cried with joy.

Anyway, I'm excited because I want shaven raven hair and I love studs and punkiness and black lipstick. I want some white mascara and black lippy asap, so I can creep out the residents of North Devon!

This jacket is like so many things I love in one thing, but is it controversial for an alternative lass such as myself to really hate prison rosary beads ? I know they're making a statement and stuff, but really I prefer proper ones. The plain white plastic isn't colourful enough for me, and to me they look kind of unfinished.

I love this girl's hair, it's fab. And the dog collar. Also loving how she pulls off the no-brows look (the idea has a weird appeal to me but unfortunately I love my pyramids and I'd look really weird without them).

WANT some tartan jeans so bad. Also, the panda flip flops are just so so cute.

I've been having punky inspirations for a little while now.

THIS bracelet, only rediscovered and dug out of my childhood very recently (like yesterday) is just everything brilliant. Pink, glittery, studded... I love it.

Yes, I made a collage of super-cool grrrls (including Flo Welch, Patti Smith, Grimes, Pussy Riot). Alice Glass a prominent figure in the centre, as you can see. Also can you totally tell that this camera is actually really good sometimes?! Gah, love it.

Sorry for the long, random post. It kind of made sense in my head but is a little vague in reality.


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