Monday, 26 November 2012

Another awful attempt at appreciation

I would have to say that I am one of Kate Nash's better fans. I mean her first album was called 'Pumpkin soup' and theres nothing better than an album named after a delicious gourd-based soup. 

Theres also nothing better than songs that have the lyrics- 

' Skeleton we have been friends for years
                And you have seen me through some trials
And tribulations and some tears
But everybody thinks I'm weird' 
             Skeleton Song, Pumpkin Soup  

'Kiss that Grrrl and I will shrink up
And I will die and I will think up
1, 000 ways that I can hurt you and
YOu will never touch my hand!'
     Kiss that Grrrl, Riot Grrrl 

'This is my face
Covered in freckles
With the occasional spot
And some veins'
      Mouthwash, Pumpkin Soup 

There are a thousand reasons why I love Kate Nash. A massive reason is her crazy awesome videos, that include massive cats, robot and roller-skates

other reasons include......

Miss Nash always dresses like she means it.
wearing adorable collars before it was cool. 
O ma gawd, the giant buttons 

She has been my hair-spiration for some time now...

 MouthwashPumpkin Soup, Kiss that grrrl 

I'm not particularly good at analysing albums or songs for that matter; so what I will say about Kate's music is - that it is gloriously british, funny, and extremely real.

lots of love 

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