Thursday, 18 July 2013

could they melt in the sun?

I have to admit I’m pretty crazy about plastic shoes at the moment. So much so, that I am doing a whole blog post on them (yeah). I got my Juju shoes a few weeks ago and I haven’t peeled them off for as long. Mine are a cool bright pink and are just transparent enough so that you can see your socks through them. They look super great, really 90's and they remind of the 'Jellies' I wore when I was like 5.  

 Rookie did a super cool photo-shoot with Juju shoes, 

check it out here 

The only negatives of plastic shoes are that you get insanely sweaty feet, so I would recommend wearing them with socks. Also don't try walking any long distance in them as they will completely mangle your feet (I say this from experience) But please don't be put off, they are fabulous shoes that are perfect for the beach. 

sorry about this awkward blogpost

love ya 


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  1. ooooh i love your pictures and your jellies! The rookie eye candy made me want to get a pair so badly