Monday, 8 July 2013

But I'm quite alright hiding today

Here is a short compilation of lovely things I have purchased over the past few weeks, that I had to document. 
This completely gorgeous top was in the sale and the only one left in store was my size ( it was meant to be) I love the lace edging and the tiny pockets that you can't fit anything in, topshop
super cute bird necklace that I got for £1 in a charity shop 

VERY awesome semi-precious stone necklace that is I picked up at a car boot sale for £3.
 I really want to know what this stone is called if anyone knows pls pls tell me. 
I also purchased 'marie antoinette' for a bargain 50p also at a car boot sale. I watched it last night and like very single 
other teenage blogger gurl I loved the lavish aesthetic and awesome cakes. 

A dreamy song for long dreary days 

lots of love 


  1. I LOVE ALL!!!

    bird necklace, Marie Antoinette (SOFIA!!!), Alex Turner . . . <3

    compliments . . . I follow you on Twitter!:)


  2. Marie Antoinette for 50p?!?!!! That's too amazing. I love your blog and your style. I really really love your background image too!