Tuesday, 21 May 2013

tore my yellow dress.

On saturday me, Sinead, Hannah and Holly went to see The Great Gatsby for Sinead's birthday..It was a completely perfect day and fun was had by all, anyway ( I want to talk about the film, sorry Sinead ) 
As you may already know, I adore the 1920's as an era, the flappers, the jewels the beautiful interior design. So The Great Gatsby was a complete dream for me. I have to say Baz Luhrman's extravagent film-making is not always to my taste and there were parts of the movie that I thought were too extravagant and just too much, but I definitely enjoyed the movie and I especially enjoyed the costumes.... 

source, unknown 

source, source 
Throughout the movie Daisy's (played by Carey Mulligan) look was a complete pastel dream, she wore a lot of lace and one or two strings of pearls. She stuck to whites and pinks and occasionally lilacs, this contributed to a dreamy yet very innocent looking appearance; which is almost the complete opposite of her true disposition. 

source, source
I loved daisy's look but I was more in love with Jordan Baker (Elizabeth Debicki) just look at her with her jewel encrusted collar and her super geometric hat pin, what is not to like. 

Of course I was inspired by these beautiful costumes, so I decided to draw some stuff, meh, this is what happens when I draw.

This song was also perfectly placed in the movie and is sooo beautiful 

I'm sorry if you haven't seen or read The Great Gatsby, ( I would recommend it ) 
and if none of this makes any sense to you 

lots of love 

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  1. i haaave to watch this!