Monday, 31 December 2012

I turn into a real romantic on new years eve.

 So... If you Live in Britain we are a few hours away from 2013! 
 oh what a year its been.
I have been to many exotic and wonderful places and I feel extremely lucky about how much I have travelled this year.
I went to Uganda and I guess it changed my life. 

There have been so many things that I have loved......
Meadham Kirchoff 

This year it was definitely all about the flower crowns. Next year I might branch out into vegetable crowns.

source- unknown
Lana Del Rey has made this year for me, her look, her music, her attitude. She is just amazing. 
This blog has prompted me to draw, paint, collage a lot more and create the kind of art I want to create.

oh.. and Best Coast, especially this song 

I hope this blog has brought me and Sinead together as friends, but who knows? ( rhetorical question )

So.. Have a brilliant new years eve and a hopefully a 2013 filled with more flower crowns and art and great music and travel .

Lots of love.  

p.s- Sorry if this post has been too sugary for you.

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