Sunday, 22 September 2013

earrings, safety pins and a piece of coral

I was set a really cute assignment in Art a few weeks ago; It was to fill a match box with objects that say something about me and then draw it. My drawings are pretty awful, but I took some photographs to compensate.My matchbox was really tiny, hence all my objects had to be really tiny. They include:

  • a piece of coral my art teacher in year 3 gave to me. 
  • two really cool earrings 
  • one of my great-grandmothers brooches 
  • a safety pin 
  • a silver horse charm (for a bracelet) 
  • a heart-shaped button 
  • a peace-sign necklace charm  
  • a mirror 

I'm not sure if these objects really represent me. The earrings and the brooch show how i'm a bit of a magpie who likes sparkly things. But the rest is just things that I use or I found around the house. Anyway here are my photographs- 

In other news, I am completely obsessed and in love with this  song. 

lots of love xx

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