Saturday, 3 November 2012


We climbed a mountain that had a loch on the top of it. I sat next to the water and wrote a new song.

Candy necklace. I wish they would last longer but they're too yummy :c

There are pet lizards in the house. It's quite bizarre. The girl one is called Freddie and the boy one is called Lizzie. Lizzie has half a tail and no back feet.

THIS FILM OMG. AND THIS SCENE. I can tell you truthfully that after years, I watched Drop Dead Fred again last week and oh how I cried at this bit. Both me and my cousin. Tears everywhere. Emotional carnage, I tell thee. I mean WHY can't she just live with Fred and they can be in love and have imaginary babies and and and why.

It was nice to see family and go trick-or-treating dressed as the woman in black, with my black velvet dress and a veil, which unfortunately I can't post a picture of. But yeah, here are some pictures from my trip there.


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