Saturday, 3 November 2012


I'd say there's more for me to say about my most recent trip to London; but this is because all my Scotland stuff was mainly to do with family and was sort of an autumn escape.

My London visit was brief and hectic and generally a blur of bright colours on concrete, and I was only really there as a pitstop before and after Scotland.

The 'before' bit involved seeing my cousin Hollie, who I love dearly, and going to see Dead Can Dance in the Royal Albert Hall (which, I can confirm, was awesome) before dragging an insanely large and impossibly heavy suitcase to Scotland.

The 'after' bit wasn't longer than the 'before' bit, but we managed to fit more in. On Thursday we took the aforementioned suitcase on a little detour to Oxford Street to look for school-worthy DMs in the gargantuan Topshop there. Hell. Loud -and crap- music, pushy and determined shoppers, rude + superior shop assistants. We promptly left. 

Then sleep.

Yesterday, well. That was brilliant and reminded me of exactly everything I love about the city. First, after much begging on my part, we went to Bermondsey Street. GLORIOUS is what it is, I make a point of going there whenever I can. 
Love these buildings. Patrick Wolf did an NME shoot here once. Comparing my picture and this one really makes the height difference all the more obvious..

After the initial fangirling I always flutter into when I go to Bermondsey street, we went to the White Cube gallery to see what was going on there. Well, this was, for a start:

There were some cool installations in there, including a room with one wall with pastel cloudiness painted on it. Was very cute.

Then we were off to Tate Modern to see The Tanks. There was one installation called Light Music that I really liked; the projector contraptions were making weird clicking noises and were really cool.

After artiness came frantic Covent Garden shop-flitting. I bought some cute things in Artbox, then zoomed around a decidedly too-expensive-for-me Rokit, looked for glitter in Urban Outfitters with no luck, and tried on DMs in the DM shop. Then we had caramelised peanuts and blah and went home.

I wrote yet another 2 songs whilst travelling; the madness and excitement and relief, however short-lived, were a great inspiration.

I want to live in a beautifully crazy whirl of colour and sound, and always have that feeling of bemusement and excitement that overwhelms me whenever I am back in my hometown.

Ooh, I've gone all wistful. 
Sorry for rambling. Typing is sort of stopping me biting my nails, and I really need to kick that habit so y'know.


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