Saturday, 3 November 2012

beauty without cruelty

I know I totally forgot to do the reviews I promised ages ago, so I'll do the lipstick one then the Patrick one after.

I ordered a magnificent lipstick from Beauty Without Cruelty (vegan friendly ethical stuff- clue's in the name, huh?) a while ago and this ^ is what it looks like on.
My camera changed the colour a bit, it usually looks darker (more of a maroon colour).

I like this lipstick a lot. I wasn't sure at first, because as its a moisturising lipstick it needs re-applying throughout the day and doesn't dry too quickly. But now I have grown to LOVE it, and I've found that if you're careful when eating or drinking whilst wearing it, it does stay on quite well. 

It looks good with lots of eyeliner and dark eyebrows, and can either punk up a girly outfit or give a feminine touch to an edgy ensemble. It's very versatile as a shade and this is why I like it.


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