Sunday, 11 November 2012

Deleting Facebook.

With a few adrenaline filled clicks of a mouse I was rid of the blue menace perhaps forever.

Me and Facebook were very good friends for a time.Before Facebook I was a socially disconnected freak without a mobile; I had no way of contacting the outside world aside from writing emails or writing letters. Facebook gave me a way of contacting my friends and peers and for a few years it was great and I'd say to Facebook for that- 'Thank you Facebook in that respect you served me well.' But a few months ago the cracks between me and Facebook started to show. The biggest problem I have with Facebook is that it completely infuriates me people on Facebook infuriate me. Friends that are normal,eloquent, sensible and easy to talk to become people I truly dislike; writing cryptic statuses you know that are only aimed at one particular person or adding too many letters to words or adding copious amounts of kisses, GAH, I can't stand it. 
I won't ever again log onto Facebook just for the sake out it and just become annoyed with it .I only have to know what my true friends are up to in their lives not everyone and their aunts. I don't have to be bombarded with Farmville adverts or see horribly lighted 'selfies' of girls at my school. 
It feels good to be free. 

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