Sunday, 11 November 2012

and I mean to care for no-one

dusky pink pinafore dress -eBay. top -new look.

my new christmas jumper! -charity shop, £3.95

Yesterday Sophie and I went on a charity shop trawl and got some little treasures. I bought a green tartan shirt thing with shiny buttons and shoulderpads for £4 (I splashed out for vintage, sue me), a hideous/beautiful cat figurine for 50p, a book about Marilyn Monroe for £2.95 and a necklace (but I left the necklace in my purse, and I left my purse on a bus, wah).

In other news, I somehow fixed my old digital camera which is FAB (well not so much fixed as turned it on and it magically worked). Also I'm still working on my zine. I now need to buy a new ink roll thing for my typewriter so I can write the stuff in my zine.

I've been writing music like a child possessed. 

I made Sophie buy Drop Dead Fred.

My emotions have been EVERYWHERE this weekend. 

On repeat: I'm Through With Love by Marilyn Monroe.


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