Saturday, 3 November 2012

the messenger

Hello! It's been a while, huh?
I've been in London and Scotland, so I couldn't really do any proper blogging.
But I shall put up some pictures from my trip in my next couple of posts.
In other news, PATRICK WOLF replied to my tweet! Huzzah! 
I asked him about Bloody Chamber Music (his record label) and he replied with the email address for it, meaning... I CAN SEND A DEMO TO PATRICK WOLF! AND HOPEFULLY HE WILL LISTEN TO IT AND GIVE ME SOME SORT OF FEEDBACK! EXCITEMENT!
So yeah, being fueled by that, I've been writing new music virtually non-stop.

Some lyrics that have stuck with me as of late: 'Fearless fifteen first came that dream to be seen, to know love, the world and all it's stages'. It's from The Messenger by Patrick Wolf. I love it, and it feels really relevant to me at the moment haha.I recommend the song, and the album (The Bachelor). I think it's quite overlooked amongst his other works, but still as amazing and expressive and wonderful as the others.

So: prepare for a bombardment of pictures and reviews and blah.

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