Wednesday, 17 October 2012

who do I feel like such a teenager today ?

I feel bleak this evening

What's the point in trying to please everyone day in, day out? 

Some of our peers take us for granted. They don't see what we see in each other, Sophie and I.

I hate it when we feel the need to change our personalities around certain people.

Sometimes it feels wrong that I'm not happy or sad, or anything in between. I'm just a girl, sometimes.

And I fear I can't say certain things or I can't paint certain things without judgement at times.

Why should I already feel oppressed at 15? I haven't even begun to try to live my life independently yet.

The sky outside is peach and lilac and white and all I can feel is cheated, because I won't remember the beauty forever. 

I try so hard to make people hear what I'm saying, to actually listen to what I'm trying to get across to them, but my opinions are often greeted with unenthusiastic nods or smiles. 

I just want to feel like people respect my views; or even if they don't, I'd like a debate that didn't involve the other party belittling my ideas.

I don't feel like posting any new pictures of me today. Might wait til Saturday to do that, the rest of this week is going to be tiring and I just want to be in pyjamas as soon as I get home from school.

The brightness of the computer screen is hurting my sinuses and not helping my angst, so I'm going now. But I'll post a playlist based around teen troubles as soon as possible.

Sorry if I depressed anyone,

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