Wednesday, 17 October 2012

bahhh what is wrong with me.

When I am about to sleep and I go over all the 'Stupid things' I have said in the day. Why on earth do I do that to myself? I should be trying to get to sleep, I should be counting sheep. But I do what millions of others do before I fall asleep. I worry. 

photos from 'House beautiful' and 'Shout' Magazine 
The need to fit in is starting to get boring and tiresome. So why am I still worrying about what people think of me?  Why can't I just let go of things, why can't I deal with the fact that once I've said something I can't take that back. So tonight i'm going try my hardest not to worry about the things i've said and what people might think of me. Tonight my head will be a nicer place.

I know this is the kind of damn awful angsty post I will look at in a few years and feel horribly embarrassed about. 

lots of angsty hugs 

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