Monday, 15 October 2012

so you're ill, huh?

I'm ill. This, for me, means my Hello Kitty dressing gown, woollen socks and blankets in abundance.

It also means I'll be able to do lots of blogging, yay ~ *cough* yay ~

First of all, here is a list of things that are good to do when you're ill.

  1. Eat/drink soup: It's a classic for ill or wintery times. A good and easy recipe for soup is Bouillon stock with boiling water in a mug. Takes like 3 minutes to make, it's genius.
  2. Surround yourself with duvets, pillows, tissues (and cats, whenever possible): Soft things are always good. And cats are extra good because they're company too.
  3. Sleep in the daytime: BECOME CAT. Some people find it hard to sleep in the daytime, but I find it really helps sometimes. If sleeping is not an option, just arrange yourself in mounds of blankets and fluffy things and relaaax(I personally love hibernating and being nocturnal, its so fun).
  4. Have a nice bath: the nicest baths are to be had at night time. Wait til it's completely dark outside, then light lots of pretty candles and DON'T FALL ASLEEP IN THE BATH TUB. DANGEROUS.
  5. Paint or draw: sometimes using a creative outlet can distract from being ill. Try and stick to painting happy things (e.g. unicorns, rainbows) to encourage your illness to go away.
  6. Sew/knit/crochet: If you can't go to school, then you may as well be productive in some way. And this way you can make more warm things to help you get better (une example; making crochet squares and then joining them into a biiiig cosy quilt).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and do a few of these. 
Bye kittens

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