Friday, 12 October 2012

atmospheric monocrome delights.

At the moment I am in love with this music video of Florence + the machine's- Heavy in your arms. as well as the song being just brilliant, It has to be one of florence's best videos even though it is by far the simplest. The video is a creepy atmospheric monochrome delight, where Florence's herself is being carried from place to place by a faceless man.

Images- Florence + the machine 

I find it interesting and refreshing how Florence is being carried (or dragged)  so unceremoniously she is not being cradled like she is precious or sacred she is being carried a sack of flour. Everything about this video is unceremonious from the derelict buildings and muddy floors to florence's crumpled and ripped white dress. The video is not romantic or pretty in a general sense, it is striking in the way that it is filmed with light shafts illuminating Florence's face, and the stark contrast of Florence's dress against a grey background. In a way this video presents the song in a very literal sense the songs include the lyrics 'my feet dragged across the ground' and in the video you do see Florence's feet dragging along the ground. Although the video is very literal I don't think it make the video less intelligent or beautiful. The song conveys the idea of being a burden to someone and how sometimes its hard to just let go, for their benefit not just your own. The video shows the darkness of this situation; in the way that florence depends on the person carrying her and has no choice but to depend on them. But you still get the feeling that both characters want to get away from each other but entitlement keeps them together....Its honestly a beautiful video, do watch it.

P.S- Why Florence let this song be used in The Twilight Saga- Eclipse I do not know.

Sophie xxx

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