Tuesday, 16 October 2012

mulberry kisses

This is the shade of lipstick I have ordered from Beauty Without Cruelty (I've also been expecting my copy of Sundark and Riverlight, but it's been delayed so I'm being patient and STILL not listening to it online).

I am very much excited to receive it, as I think it will go well with the sort of grungey-but-girly thing I want to have going on for winter. I also think the colour is very warm and will look good with my soon-to-be-shorn hair and pale-ish skin. 

A minute ago I inherited a BEAUTIFUL Monsoon dress from my mum, and although it is slightly too big and needs to be taken up a little, I love it so much and think it may become a favourite of mine. That's the beauty of hand-me-downs; you could end up with something so magical that is like a one-off of sorts, because it has been owned and loved by someone before you and comes with it's own little stories and mysteries. 

The dress is made of a chiffon-y type fabric, comes down to my feet and has see-through-ish long sleeves. It's black with a teal floral pattern all over and it's gorgeous <3 also="also" boots="boots" hand-me-down="hand-me-down" i="i" is="is" me="me" my="my" new="new" pair="pair" that="that" think="think" to="to" victorian="victorian" will="will" with="with">
 Anyway, back to the dress. I might wear it on casual occasions to, with lots of layers and my brown trilby hat and white DMs. And big chunky cardigans too, for the extra grunginess they add.
THE DRESS with my rosary. I ONLY JUST had it in me to get dressed, which is why I didn't sort out the random crap all over my bed.

Pattern. My camera decided not to take good photos this eventide.

Pretty sky the other day. I liked the pastel hues and silhouetted houses and apple tree. Again, my camera didn't do the colours justice so I'll just have to keep the real thing as a memory.

Mulberry kisses,

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