Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Another useless attempt at appreciation.

I am a relative newbie to the the songs of Bat for Lashes or Natasha Khan as she is formally known. Alright I have had 'moon and moon' hanging around iTunes for a number of months (a year) but for some strange reason I didn't give her much thought. WHY ON EARTH DID I NOT GIVE HER MUCH THOUGHT! After this interview I happened to watch and also hearing 'Laura' play on Radio 6 pretty constantly.So I decided that I need a bit of Bat for lashes in my life. Basically I watched every video of hers on youtube and now I have to say I'm a bit of a fangirl. Here is for why my friends:

  1.First and extremely importantly her voice will damn near break your heart.

     2. Her music videos are completely mesmerising and weird and    beautiful. My favourite has to be 'Whats a girl to do?'

you can't see the bike but honestly she's on a bike in the 'whats a girl to do video'

 3. She dresses like she means it.  

 4.There is a surreal honestly about her, In her first album 'Two Suns' there seemed to be a lot of almost pagan references, but songs like 'Laura' are so completely beautifully honest with lyrics like: 

You say that they've all left you behind

Your heart broke when the party died

            Drape your arms around me and softly say 
               Can we dance upon the tables again?


Honestly she's the coolest, guys.

lots of love 

p.s - sorry I haven't blogged for a while 

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