Thursday, 11 October 2012

hello, autumn

Hello possums

I haven't done a post that contains outfits in FOREVER, mainly because there is not an awful lot I can do with my school uniform and I just slob out in pyjamas when I get home from school. So here are some pictures from my Autumn so far.

But I thought, Autumn's here so I'll mark the beginning of the season with some clothes ~

This is my beauuuutiful Louche red Winter coat. I think it's cold enough to wear it now, so out it came; it's such a yummy shade of red and so so warm. ('scuse the mess behind me in the picture)

Fluffy faux fur collar and little black ribbon at the top.

I like the little details on this coat; like the tiny buttons on the back.

Don't know if you can make out the fact I'm with a cat here ^

My Topshop sailor jumper and woollen Banana Republic pleated skirt. 

Hello Patrick calendar. Nice pout there ~

Very cluttered ladder desk. And stripy headscarf thing from Topshop.

I plan to watch Sleepy Hollow again this Autumn. I really love that witchy film, Johnny is such a baby in it! So young and cute! Also I really want to check out The Virgin Suicides. So many people are in love with that film, it intrigues me. Also I read a bit of the book at my friend Emily's house and it seemed interesting -beautifully written.
(Do check out Em's blog, she likes fashion illustrations and pretty things. She is also beautiful.)

Bye bye,

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