Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Lana Del Rey

Oh she's beautiful and I love her so so much even though her lyrics are not always the most feminist-friendly. But that voice, seriously, I can't even resist it. It's just so sultry and perfect. My current favourites (current meaning today, because honestly my favourites change every day when it comes to Lana) are Yayo and Kill Kill. I also saw an interview with her today. She was so adorable on it. I never even realised how gently and sweetly she talks considering some of the things she says in her songs. And I really liked how she was talking about the fact that not everything she uses in her videos is used for symbolic meaning - things often just appeal to her visually. And I totally get that - when I paint, I'm not always choosing my colour scheme because it's meant to tell people something about the painting. I choose certain colours because I think they are beautiful and pleasing to look at. And when authors write, not all of the descriptions they use are significant to the story. Building up beautiful imagery is important too. 


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