Wednesday, 8 August 2012

All of time and space.

I love Doctor who and I don't care who knows it. 

So.. Making a post declaring why I have an un-dying love for Doctor Who was eventually going to happen. For those people who have been living under a rock for their whole lives here is what Doctor who is about-
A 900+ year old alien called The Doctor skips around space and time often with a plucky companion in tow,causing trouble, fighting off evil, being clever and occasionally saying something prolific about loneliness. If this seems like your type of thing go now and watch some Doctor who, if you are yet to be convinced read on...........
The primary reason why I adore doctor who, is that how ever silly the episodes get (see The Unicorn and the Wasp) the show retains credibility and still is a Drama.Its never all about the effects or the plot-twists, it never relies on showy action sequences or sets (though all are usually fantastically good) it concentrates on the characters; in particularly The Doctor who throughout every episode you see the sadness that follows him, that he is the last of his kind and an incredibly lonely and angry, even when he acts silly or the episode is silly.
The series plots are mind-blowing and complicated and include alternative universe, paradoxes and wibbly- wobbly timey-wimey....stuff. After almost every episode of Doctor Who I shake my fist at the writer (yes. you Steven Moffat.. Dark lord of all. ) Because usually in every episode their is a bombshell dropped or a scary bit of foreshadowing shown, that makes me as scared as you can be for fictional characters. 
I used to think that the only people that could acknowledge a profound love for Doctor Who where 9 year-old boys, but then I found the 'The true use for the internet' which is Doctor who fangirling. I have to say there are no better fans than of Doctor Who.I now have quite a few Doctor Who posters on my wall and even publicly use a sonic screwdriver pen (if you watch it you'll get it.) 
All great British actors know that at one point in their careers inevitably they will have appear in Doctor Who so there has been some serious taaaaaalent that has appeared in Doctor Who. If I named every single talented person that has appeared in Doctor Who I would be writing for the next 50 years or so. basically this show is bursting at the seams with acting talent. 
The Doctor usually travels with a companion, usually a bad-ass sista. Sometimes these bad-ass sistas are followed around by an adorable,bumbling fool of a man who loves her unconditionally. The Doctors companions range from being completely in love with The Doctor to thinking he's a complete trifle (see Donna Noble in Series 4 of New Who) One of my favourite things in Doctor Who is seeing the different relationships The Doctor has with his companions, and honestly they are never the same and definitely never dull.
From time to time an episode will be absolutely heart wrenching, and heart-breaking such as: The 10th Doctor's last episode he knows he is going to regenerate so before this happens, he goes and the sees the people in the world he truly loves and then just before he regenerates he say simply ' I don't want to go' and my whole family burst into tears simultaneously. Doctor who doesn't mind leaving its viewers completely and utterly emotionally damaged. 
The show has been on British television on-and-off for almost 50 years; as The Doctor can 'regenerate' (Change his face.) The Character of The Doctor has been played by 11 different actors in total,  The changing of actors playing The Doctor  can be completely devastating but keeps the show fresh
 and also has enabled it to run for so many years.

So there you go here is why Doctor Who is frankly the best thing created, ever, ever. So go and watch some because you will not be disappointed, (well you could be, if the above does not interest you what so ever.) 

Lots of timey-wimey hugs 

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